I have some of the most bizaar dreams.

I have re-occuring dreams, that most definetly no prophetic.

So, since I had the weirdest re-occuring dream of all this weekend I thought I'd start a thread whereby others can relay their strange and interesting dreams.

Course this is not altruistic by anymeans. Simply put, I'd like to get some assurance I'm not the only one.

My re-ocurring dream from this weekend actually had me standing up in my bed touching the wall!

I was dreaming that a little being in a yellow outfit was walking up my wall (by my bed)( I usually dream about coat hangers or belts floating around in my room. I always think to myself "yes, it is real, this really happening")

So I watched this little creature climbing up my wall and I stood up to catch it. (So I could prove this was really happening) and wouldn't you know it, I woke up standing on my bed hand reaching for the non existant creature who of course disappeared!

All I can say, is thank god my bf wasn't over or he'd have high tailed it out the door!

So...anybody else have dumbass dreams like these?
Sure, I have more than a few myself, I don't like the ones tho, where you are falling, and you suddenly bolt up before you fall. Maybe you should summit your dream to diesel, if they like it they might make it My favorite dream over there is I dance with bag people, I know I have had that dream many times.

www.dieseldreams.com/launch.html (external - login to view)
Rick van Opbergen
I once had this nightmare when I was young, and I had it for months, not every night but regularly. I was walking with a group of people in the middle of the night through town, and we all started running; we knew there was a werewolf somewhere, and suddenly persons started disappearing, and we just started to run faster and faster, and screaming, and we saw him running too, we heard him. And my nightmare ended with me running and this werewolf suddenly coming up to me. And than I awoke.

I was just 7 or 8 or so when I had that nightmare, but I still remember it after all those years.
thats why you always have silver bullets handy :P
I've had too many dreams & nightmares..
Well your signature says you dream alot JD :P
Yeh I do
Rick van Opbergen
Silver bullets eh? Hmmm ... well, I don't have that nightmare anymore, but thanks for the tip!
Well its better to have them handy, just in case. You could easily have an american werewolfe in holland...what out for the bad moon rising. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Hmm ok ... do those bullets also work for Count Dracula by the way? Or do I have to use a wooden stake to kill him?
No silver bullets only work on werewolves, if you have anything silver take it to a gunsmith, he will make them into silver bullets for you...Hey did you ever see the movie they made a steven king short story called silver bullet...It was very good.
Rick van Opbergen
Neh, I dunno, I'm not a real fan of horrormovies ... ever since I saw IT when I was ... well too young, I'm not a fan anymore (never been actually) ... I'd rather watch comedies, although I also like action movies! The last movie I saw was Der Untergang, great movie! I also saw I, Robot, but that's already some time ago ... But anyway, I'm off the topic now
Actually silver bullet was very good, not really horror, a well done story, you would enjoy it I think...it goes good with root beer, please check my last message to you in the root beer thread :P
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK, I'll do that, I found out that I post in too many threads, and that isn't very handy when you are away for a day or two ... so much to check!
Rick, I think that Dr. Jung would have postulated that your dream is really a young childs fear of people disappearing or leaving them.

Had anybody passed away in your family or moved far away around that time?
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm not that I am aware of. Lets see. My granddad died when I was 5, but that couldn't be it - I barely knew him actually. Hmmmm. When I was young, I did have a lot of dreams in which familymembers died, especially my mother, sounds freaky, and it was, when I woke up I always had this terrible emotional pain in me, like I had really lost someone! I still have that "pain" sometimes, when I read a story or something about people who have lost close ones, it is really a pain that I feel in my heart (not for real of course) ... sounds weird, eh?
Not really, I have had dreams where a family member dies, and I wake up crying..pssst...don't tell any of them that. Thanks
I have some fantastic nightmares.That's the reason I only sleep 3 to 4 hours per night.
Rick van Opbergen
I have no problems with sleeping. When I hit the pillow, I sleep.
Hahaha, I don't. I wish I did.. lol, It takes me like 10 minutes to fall asleep, LOL.
Rick van Opbergen
Well but that ain't long either. I know people who need two hours until they fall asleep.
Hahahaha wow...
I once had a dream that I'd lost my daughter (she was just a baby at the time and a baby in my dream)

I looked all over the place. I was sick and panicked.

I finally found her lying in some wet grass at the side of the road. I took her into a corner store, where she promptly disappeared again.

I located her in a drink freezer (the kind that holds cold pop) but she wasn't a baby, she was a jar of apple sauce. And some one had opened the jar and taken some.

I was crying and screaming. I'm still trying to figure out what that dream meant.
wow.. geez.. Thats terrible
Terrible during the dream. but funny now. What kind of mom dreams her daughter is a jar of applesauce?
LOL, yeh it does sound funny :P
Rick van Opbergen
What did you do at the time you woke up, Twila?
I was very upset. I don't always wake up fully. If you get my meaning. I've been known to sleep walk, sleep talk etc.

I've thought this dream may have been my subconcious telling me that I'm going to have to share her. It's that or my subconcious want to divorce my concious. I had what I termed PMS (Paranoid Mom Syndrome). I had troubles letting her own Dad hold her. Forget babysitters, nobody was able to look after her the way I did. I'm better now though. She's 13. I've had time to get a grip! lol

Course I still have nightmares about her......
I had a dream that I was found, and I had to pay all my personal debts. This is a scary dream, because I am a typical canadian, all my life I have been cutting out the middleman, bad cheques, dishonest credit card applications, credit at the store and than moving, garage full of tools, I do not know how many "pot sellers" I have moved on. We won't even talk about my best friends wives. But my dreams are so typical of the average canadian, born in a fiddlehead patch, with nothing but the government cheque that god gave me, to make my way in this wicked world.
Last night I dreamed I had a bit part in a porn film and made friends with Ben Stein at a friend's wedding. As this is a marked improvement over my usual nighttime illusions,I am happy.

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