Do you ever say things in other languages?

Rick van Opbergen
Hey, first I have to warn you, this might sound weird. I noticed while walking the dog that I talk a lot of German to him - and the surprise is: I'm not German, I do have family in Austria but they are married into our family. It's not that I have complete conversations in German, but I say thinks like: "Kommen Sie mit" when my dog is sniffing everywhere; I call him "Hallo meine kleine Schlomo" (but Schlomo is not really German, I call him Schlomo because that looks at lot like the Dutch word of "sloom", which means "slow"). In the house, I often say "tschüss" or "Danke", such things. Most of the time I don't even notice it. Sounds weird eh.

So my question: are there others here who do the same thing, who - unnoticed - sometimes say things in other languages, to their pet or familymembers or just to themselves?
I used to talk to my dog in German, but I speak German so that's not important. A weird thing though, sometimes when I'm pissed at something or someone, I'll say "tabarnak!" "ostie, simonak!" and my fav "calvaire!!!!". They are Québécois curse words which are used everyday there
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, that's what I mean ... I don't have any idea what they mean, but still!
Well I can swear in french at my dad taught me.
Rick van Opbergen
I also say a lot of things in English, but that's just because Dutch is ehm "English-izing" or something haha ... You would be surprised to see how much English is used nowadays back here.
you would also be surprised how much french is used on my car :P
English & Italian @ my pets & family, lol
Rick van Opbergen
Italian JDream?
i use all sort of language i use jerman when im extreemly pissed or when some one sneeses i use britsh expressions and french alot in school
no kiddin i go to a french school i pick up a couple words in other languages 2
Rick van Opbergen
I can imagine that sj007
Ricky, I have Italian blood I can also speak Spanish, Catalan, a bit of Russian and some Chinese ;P and hey, Italian, English and Dutch.
i i forgot i use quite a bit a fringlish
Rick van Opbergen
I didn't know you had Italian blood ... did I? Wow you do have some languageknowledge JDream! I'm jealous!
da da me 2
Rick van Opbergen
Well I'm proud of my all-Dutch roots! ... I guess ...
well im pround o my english scotish german and irish roots then
I call my cat "Booshka" I have no idea what it means.
i dont either what language
I have no idea! I don't even know why I say it since her name is Chunkey ! it just comes out in this silly high pitched voice.

I think I'm possessed!
no way
Way! Worse still, I often chant it over and over again to her. Interspered with "ittybittykitty"
an u never think its crazy
Crazy? Never. My cat says I'm as sane as any other 2 legged creature. Although that's not necessarily a good reference point.

I will concede that normal and me in the same sentence is stretching things.
realy well say comprensible and me is steching things some times
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

you would also be surprised how much french is used on my car :P

You are really funny Peapod. I read one thing then you pop up with something really funny. you crack me up.
me 2 sometimes
Diamond Sun
I mutter to myself in spanish sometimes. I'm not sure someone who actually speaks spanish would even understand me, but in my head, it's perfect, fluent spanish.

Oh, and I say thank you in Thai sometimes, just to throw people off.
Rick van Opbergen
Haha I know that, I sometimes use "doubreh" (spelled phonetically, I have no idea how to write it), you know, it's sort of Russian, but they also use it in Bulgaria where I spend my vacation two years ago ... or "leke nosh", Bulgarian for "good night"

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