Do you ever say things in other languages?

Diamond Sun
Okay. I don't know if this counts, and maybe it shoud go in the weird/compulsive thread that's lost in the abyss, but sometimes when I'm thinking, I'll visualize myself typing out the words I'm thinking. Like, I'll actually think about where my fingers would go on a keyboard to type out the words of my thoughts. It's like it's own little language. Visual Typing Language....

Sawat di kah.
Rick van Opbergen
That counts too Diamond Machjo, what languages do you mean? English and Chinese, or Esperanto? Do you what the "negative" effect is from participating in a Canadian forum? Sometimes when I'm talking to my sister or my parents while I'm surfing on the forum, I can't come up with the Dutch words anymore, so I'm just like, when my sister tells something to me, "oh, dat is echt interesting" (that's really ... interesting), instead of "oh, dat is echt interessant" (just to give one example). I've had the same thing at high school; my friends all took lessons at an international school (I was the only one who didn't took those lessons, I still regret that), where they spoke English, so sometimes we were just talking in English instead of Dutch, and that was really confusing sometimes.
I've been confused between French and English and Esperanto and some Chinese altogether once at a restaurant filled with ex-pats from Canada and Germany along with some Chinese friends. Well, guess what? Some knew French and English, others, Esperanto and Chinese, others, English and Chinese, others, just Chinese. And the worst part? I was one of the interpreters! Half way through the meal, I started tuning into the wrong channel all the time (i.e., I'd be interpreting into the wrong language, or speaking to someone in the wrong language). By the end of it, I was speaking to the waitress in french, the ex-pats in Chinese, and to the Chinese in English.

Oh, lesson is, never, and I mean never, volunteer to be in an interpreter for more than two language at the same time.
Rick van Opbergen
OK, I'll remember that Machjo!
Pat Bateman
Whatever can be the situation, I'm still gonna speak French.
Particularly when I'm pissed off, you can't have better word than what the French offer to you:
merde, putain, fait chier, oh le con, chiotte...
eh le cave exprime toi un peu meux en scociété
i think the wierdest wuz this summer when i hadent heard french swearing or even french in a while so i like cussed in french for like 2 mins it wuz wierd
Rick van Opbergen
I always curse in Dutch :P
Reverend Blair
I used to be good at swearing in Cree, but I've forgotten it all now.
Our bird is quad-lingual. He understands several Spanish commands, 1 Ukranian phrsase, Speaks "Godzilla" and fluent bird, and is learning human English. Is a very good belcher and can laugh. . As for me, I tought him most of what he knows and can speak a bit of
Quote: Originally Posted by EternalSunshine

I love German, and even though I can't speak it there are some expressions I use in German only (and end up confusing people or having to explain or saying "nothing, I was just talking to myself"). Some examples (and the spelling might not be correct - I don't have time to google it right now):

pechgehabt (my absolutely favorite)


verlangerung schnur (I use it regularly and have hard time remembering the english equivalent, so now my husband learned it as well)

that's just funny... i am german and i never heard from people using german words for fun, great... how did you get to know "Verlängerungsschnur"? that's amazing! and so useless, even here in germany... if you want to know more or specific words in german, just contact me, it would be my pleasure...
Quote: Originally Posted by Whade

that's just funny... i am german and i never heard from people using german words for fun, great...

I know, lol, most people will tell you they don't like German language. Me, on the other hand, ever since I can remember I loved it and was sure that, sooner or later, I'd live in Germany and speak the language fluently (and akzentfrei, lol).

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