That was Fun!!!!!

Well we just had a chimmey fire in the fireplace where I work it was like a war zone. Three fire trucks, sirens blazing. men dressed in yellow, lots of them. Its all okay now, but a fire is darn scary. The only good thing was all the good looking men
So... are you going to be in their calendar now, pea?
lol did u see 007?
You work in a fireplace?
As a kid, we had several of them. I remember holding the door open so my brother could carry burning logs out and throw them in the snow.
In the town where I grew up, the fire dept was (and still is) volunteer; it was standard practice that after you had a minor fire, like a chimney fire, you dropped a flat of beer off the next day for the guys. Now that's a small town tradition.
where is this town and how do i get in the fire dept
BTW what u do after a big fire ?
After a BIG fire, everyone else gives stuff to the people who lost big.
u mean no huge beer fest awwww...
Well aren't you all on a roll tonight :P Tenpenny, no I don't work in a fireplace thanks for the are all begining to understand peapod :P ah....I am off to IMAX.
what u gonna watch ?
Well they say its SHACKLETON!!! and it better be, as you can never get threw, their line is ALWAYS busy. This will be 22 times seeing it Everytime is better than the last, he was the greatest leader to pass this way ya know :P Okay bye now. Go see SHACKLETON if you ever get the chance.
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, why didn't anybody ask the question: are you OK peapod?
hehehe..I guess they figured that since I was posting ricky I must be are gonna make some girl awful happy one day ricky
The worst part was trying to get the seniors out, the young and restless was on ( a soap opera) and they were pissed that they were missing the action... :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yuk, soaps ... I think that is the worst thing that ever came over from the States to the Netherlands ...
hehehehe...whats really funny is when people start thinking that the people on them are for real....I have seen individuals who want to send money and things to a soap opera family if their house burns down now you can see why some people will believe anything
Rick van Opbergen
It's just not possible that in one family, take the Bold and the Beautiful or something, that within a year: someone gets pregnant without wanting to get pregnant; two people die; one gets raped; one wins the lottery; one crashes with an airplane and ends up on a deserted island in the Pacific; one gets blackmailed; etc. etc. I don't know whether this actually happened in the Bold and the Beautiful, but I can't be far from it
Things are pretty quiet than over at the bold and beautiful :P nobody back from the dead? nobody possessed by the devil? nobody stealing sperm cause they want someone in particular, baby? Wonder if she stole a turkey baster as well
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, I don't know, I really don't, I just thought of some crazy things and imagined it was good enough for a B&B script
Maybe we should go to hollywood together and write the scripts. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah ... we will first make a couple of Bond-movies ... or should I say: Miss Moneypenny-movies? ... and than we are going to write us some scripts! Broahahaha! I can hear the call of the money ...
sure as long as bond is the secretary
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm we have the think about that first sj007
Isn't it funny how no one ever takes a fire seriously!! The last time the fire alarm went off at my work (someone used the toaster!!) we sort of wandered around for a while, loads of people continued their phone conversations and then said 'should we be moving outside??' Didn't think there was a fire but then decided it would be best to evacuate- especially as the meeting point was at the pub across the road!!

We could have all burnt to death!!!! But instead we had a beer!!
my opion of fire drills at my school i mean if there wuz a real fire there would be utter chaos
Don't be so sure.
I volunteer at my kids' school, and I was there one day when a little kid pulled the fire alarm. His teacher was the only one who was aware it wasn't a real fire, the other teachers only knew it wasn't a drill. I've never seen such an impressive sight - 300+ kids quietly exiting the school single-file in an orderly fashion. Even lined up in their rows out on the field you couldn't hear a sound.
u dont know my school even the drills have a semi-chaotic nature to them
Rick van Opbergen
I once read that when there's a life-threatening situation, most people don't really panic. I remember certain images of 9/11, where people were actually waiting for the elevator quietly (or: semi-quietly) while not far from them, intense fires were burning. I recall that there is a certain psychological explanation for that fenomenon, but I don't remember what it was exactly.
well thats a shame
Rick van Opbergen
How's that?
i wanted to know
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