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How does everyone feel about getting together in the "real" world with people they meet here at the forum or even elsewhere on the net?

I've met some people who refuse to do it, but I love meeting people I've gotten to know online. Actually met my spouse online.
I think it's a great tool for meeting people you can connect with intellectually and in your case, emotionally. It sure beats a night out when you're just not up to it to meet new friends not just in your area, but across the world
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

I think it's a great tool for meeting people you can connect with intellectually and in your case, emotionally. It sure beats a night out when you're just not up to it to meet new friends not just in your area, but across the world

Agree Andem ... I have met people from all over the world online and have totally enjoyed it. When I was living in the wilds of BC interior, the internet was the only way I had to interact with like-minded people. And now that I'm in the same town with some of my friends, I still visit them here at the forum and have a whole lot of laughs.

By the way, Andem, you've done a most excellent job of creating such a great gathering place. Technically it is one of the best forums I've visited. Very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You must be a pretty smart cookie.
Thanks for the compliments Cosmo

It must be frustrating to be in the wilderness of BC, thank god for the Internet connection. Even though I live in a big city, I find it so much more convenient to meet people online than social gatherings in the city. It's impossible to meet someone mutually intelligible in Toronto
I love meeting people from a forum in real life, but you get to know them first. You can pretty much figure out a person after awhile in their writings. One of my best friendships is via the internet, galaniomama. We meet four years ago at the garden forum, and when we realized we lived in the same city, we hooked up. One of the best things that ever happened to me. I am looking forward to meeting ladyc and bevvy in vancouver next month, which is tomarrow.

I try to get friends to come and join the forum, because this is a great place. I am also looking forward to a hiking trip with promethus in March, even tho he talks like billy bob thorton in slingblade :P
oh...I really hope to meet the rev and mrs rev one day
I'd love to meet some people
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, me too ... I once almost had a meeting with people from a US/European forum (in Germany), but than I was banned from that particular forum, long story (it wasn't my fault!) ... But ehm Canada is a bit far away, that's sad ...

But ehm Canada is a bit far away, that's sad ...

that's okay ricky, we are going to start a fund to bring you over for a visit. i know - every coffee that pea has at starbucks she will pitch in 10 cents. for every lunch i eat out (which is every day) i will put in 25 cents. i am sure that cosmo and bevvy and everyone else can also pitch in. the way i figure it, in about 2.3 years we will have enough money to bring you over......but not enough to send you back!!!

hey - how about coming over on a freighter? that's really cheap, i might know someone who could arrange for your passage, as long as you don't mind making a few stops before you reach halifax.....or maybe they would come up to vancouver. that way you wouldn't have to hitchhike across canada to reach us. that could take awhile.

how about sailing? do you know how to sail? if not, take some lessons and build a boat. my dad did ..... he sailed everywhere. come to think of it, we might have an inflatible boat we could send you.....ouch, this is getting rough.
i have met people on boards and they have all been great people. no problemo......hey pea, member when we got together and made that tufa stuff with those wingnuts from cobble hill? we should write about that one for sure!
Rick van Opbergen
Well actually, I think I do have the money to come to Canada (really!), but ehm as I said before, this summer it seems I have ehm other plans (planning to visit your big neighbor down south) ... although they aren't affirmed yet. But hey, I like the idea of putting money aside hahahaha.
Well ricky when you do make it over here, we will show you a good time. My computer is in the spare bedroom, so you can keep in touch with canadian content :P You have to make your own egg salad sandwiches tho
Galaniomama they were not that bad :P the other get together from the garden forum in cobble hill at the artist house was awesome
Rick van Opbergen
What's with the egg salad sandwiches eh? I E-A-T G-O-U-D-A C-H-E-E-S-E
I think it's a great idea- if anyone fancies showing me and my hubby around in April when we are in Vancouver then give me a'd be cool to have a tour guide!!!
Well come over to the island emma, Vancouver Island, there is a few of us from the rock at the board that live on the island, we will show you around....and could show me your kick boxing moves
I think we'll have to pop over to the Island to have a look around- it'd be cool to get to know some of the 'locals' Not sure I can disclose any of my deadly moves but perhaps some of the mearly bone breaking ones!!!
Reverend Blair
Careful...Edgerunner met a man on-line once and he turned out to be a real nut-case. He's a bit of a drinker, rumour has it, and every weekend he dresses up in his sasquatch suit and runs around frightening good, honest people. He has some pretty weird friends too.

That man's name is Zenfisher.
I've never met anyone online. I dont think it's a bad thing but you have to be careful. A friend of mine met a girl online, once he determined she was a real girl and not a 45 year old man the relationship went fairly smoothly. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like meeting people face to face.
One does have to be careful, and it also depends what you are looking for. I enjoy finding the like minded people I meet here, but I also really enjoy meeting new people in person to. There are so many to meet.
Reverend Blair
I've actually met a few a few people on-line. They've all been dandy. There have been a couple others, one in particular, that I have turned down invitations to meet. I've been in enough bar-fights for one lifetime after all and offers to "show you my gun," don't really make me want to invite people to my preferred drinking places.

I was just joking about Zen, btw...except for the part about the sasquatch suit and his weird friends.
and whats wrong with having a sasquatch suit :P They are quite handy to have when out and aboot in the woods, mine is hanging in the closet right now. :P
Nothing wrong with a sasquatch suit. I know some people who moved here to Victoria and found jobs here by chating online (seems like the only way to find a job on the island). I'm working right now but the contract is temporary and need to find a new job. Anyone know of available work in Victoria? I'll buy you a beer (another way to find work on the island).
wonder if it works on this island?
I've met like 7 peeps on-line. And they were very nice.. I'll tell about a girl I met.. It was this summer.. In July and I was on vacation
This girl, I was planning to meet was also coming so we talked via msn and I asked when she was coming and she told me so when she came there I went there by bicycle, took me 3 hours, LOL, But I didn't care, My mom said ‘Don't go, It could be a crazy man of 52!’ and actually the mother of the girl also said that to her, So I was waiting for her and then I saw her walking, And she saw me So I walked over to her and we gave eachother a hug and said hi and everything It was really cool, I wasn't scared of who I'd see..
#25 That's not the suit Rev. Its the human one that's the suit. That's why it so easy for me to hide after sightings.

Certainly you have to be cautious. It is a good idea to exchange photos before hand. I can say I've met a couple of people I have talked to on line. I didn't have much trouble...but then we Sasquatch usually don't.
Here's one story you'll love!

A professor friend of mine here decided to go online and pretend she ws a man at the university she tought at. Anyway, a student from the university started corresponding with her and within three days, was in love! But here's a whole other twist. The Chinese are usually not used to seeing black people! And add to that that my friend was old enough to be the student's mother.

Anyway, three days later, they make an arrangement to meet at the university's teacher's office. So on that day, a beautifully dressed girl knocks on the door, the door opens, and she asks for John. Of course all the teachers are looking around asking if anyone knows who's john. Well, my friend stands up and says, "here I am".

The student goes pale, and the teachers all start giving her a pep talk about how she should focus on her studies before worrying about sex, and that she shouldn't trust people on line because she just doesn't know who might be on the other end.

Oh boy, you never know who wyou're dealing with.
Rick van Opbergen
Haha, that was a great story Machjo! I've never met any people who I met online for real. I never go to chatrooms etc., and the people I met on forums are always living in a foreign country (with a few exceptions). Not so long ago I planned to go to a meeting in Germany though, but at the same moment I was banned from the forum ... so well, I didn't go
Hey Gonzo pm cosmo's she knows people in your field here...if you find something via cosmos, I won't take a beer, but a exta foamy lattie will be fine...I will be wearing a saquatch suit, I go by the name of 3 toed sam when I wear it tho. :P

JD, I have never met any peeps online :P
Hey speaking of meeting, Ricky are you and JD dream gonna meet up for gouda and crackers, since you both live in the same place?
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm peapod we don't live in the same place.

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