hey pea

hey.....how did the pics of your *** turn out?
I still don't get why we had to have something 'pose' beside it to do a comparison.........maybe someday i will understand all of this.

hey - i saw the pics of my gals on the ricky thread, they sure are cute little tomatoes eh?
Hey...please do not start another thread with my name on it use the ones already in place in the lounge. There are no other asses in my pictures...you will get copies...hows the painting you done yet? wash your face and hair soon, they are covered in little white dots. :P

Hey...please do not start another thread with my name on it use the ones already in place in the lounge.

since when did you become the 'lounge lizard' or 'class monitor'. i can start any damn thread i want, i don't need your approval to do so either. bag. bag with a tight ***.
ouch...I am gonna bitch slap you. Tough talk, can you back it up...we could wrestle next time we see each other...loser buys starbucks :P :P and yes your tomatoes are very cute and very nice to. I mean your daughters, don't want anyone misunderstanding what tomatoes I am talking about. So do you really like my *** that much...you are easy to please And by the way I am no longer pea. I am Ms. moneypenny. And I work for bond...James bond....007
where did you get such a cute avatar. i am impressed pea. i love it!

yeah, well i have one more mountain to conquer so to speak, one more bedroom to paint and then i have the title of painting 'the-whole-inside-of-the-house-by-myself' award. phew. i am tired just typing it. i put together some shelving in jubees room last night, scrubbed the floor and generally cleaned up. i should not be here any longer. i should be on a desert island laying in the sun and drinking. drinking/sleeping/eating/drinking/eating/sleeping my way through the next six months. anyhoo, one more room and then i get the title and a ribbon. i can't wait. hey pea, i should have time by next weekend - we can put your garden to bed. no problemooo. let me know if that works for you - maybe on sunday - as long as it is not too cold out and no rain. coffee? yeah, let's do coffee thursday night. i should have everything fini by then, just the trim painting left to do.

my god, i have got to quit drinking caffiene. look how fast i am talking and i am still not saying anything. scary.

talk to you soon, toots.
Now lets remeber that i browse forums 2 eh
close your eyes than...besides I have seen what you do 007 in the movies.
Tails I win, heads you lose :P
got me there but i dont do it money shes 2 close at work
Hey your signature is excercising, they are even breathing the right way...you got a fit signature there 007
if a add a carecter it ill be 2 big
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