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I am a newbie here and would like to share your weekend activities. I am from P.R.China and living in China right now. I'd like to know your lives in Canada.

Thanks for your attention.
My weekend activities are usually fishing and camping in the summer time, and in the winter its starbucking, (coffeehouse) fishing, but not as much as in the spring and summer. Hanging out with my friends, who come up with lots of amusing things to do. What do you do in china on the weekend wintersnow?
This weekend I got a bunch of Christmas shopping out of the way, got the groceries, made some cookies with my girlfriend, watched SpongeBob at the theatre, watched "Day of the Dead" on DVD at home, put up the Christmas lights, and generally hung around the house.
Thanks for your response, peapod, ( a cute name)fishing and camping is great activity in summer, but i seldom have the chance to camp with friends. Fishing takes patience, i never try it before.. Generally speaking, I spend my weekend by doing some shopping and meeting with friends or go to the park with friends, and sometimes have a small meeting with some old friends.

There are some starbucks here in my city and I dont like it very much. I prefer reading and visiting exhibit. I happened to watch an impressive exhibit last weekend. Among those impressive photos, I found one which is tied up with Canada. Do you know there are some inhibitants who live in the snowland like Eskimo in Canada, they build a special house for warming themselves in the snowhouse? It is fascinating.

I wonder whether anyone of you have some ideas of that.
Have a nice day!
You had a great weekend! Chrismas is approaching, Canadians also celebrate this festival like the Americans? Sorry for my ignorance, i think it shall be a Christician festival in the world, but i know a lot of the festival related with the US. Cooking with families and watching HOT movies in cinema or watching DVD at home, we have the same activities at weekend, generally.

good day
Please incourage Billwu to come and talk with everyone at the board. He is a memeber but is to shy to post. In fact everyone please send a come on over message to billwu. He feels his english is not good enough. Its better than mine :P He lives shanghai city. Wintersnow Billwu would like you to contact him.
Hey, wintersnow, where in China are you?

My weekend activities usually amount to driving my kids to things.....
Hi, Peapod, Billwu is a newbie too? I will have to PM him first,

Tenpenny, i am presently living in Guangzhou. (Canton) I believe most of you are quite familiar with this city.

But I originally came from the north of China.

Driving kids to have a great weekend, that is a good idea and it is more and more popular in China too.

have a nice day
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