CCalcholic Anonymous

Hi! :P I am peapod and I am addicted to Canadian Content
Rick van Opbergen
Join the club ... oh wait, you started the club ... may I join you?
Diamond Sun
I control my addiction by attempting to do work. Which isn't always successful, but has the illusion of being effective. (Plus, it keeps me employed)
Hey, I'm Andem and well... I'm actually addicted, too. Someone has to keep me away from this thing. I've actually overcome my 7-year IRC addiction a year and a half ago. sooo..
My name is peapod and this is my story, It started with just a ocassional visit, before I knew it I was coming in three times a day. Not to bad, but wait each visit was 3 hours Before I knew it I was addicted. I tried treatment, going away, fishing, playing with my friends...the content always called me back. So I have turned my will and my life over to Admen and canadian content. I have met the nicest people here and made some new really great friends.
hey my name is SJ and i got addicted from the first shot i often languish i n aggonny when none play the games or answers my post this site is like coke (wich im not on !!!!) one shot addicted for life
I will answer your post.
in the llamas one?
no this is a closed meeting for canadian content addicts. Your Lllama meeting is in the game thread. I will meet you there, bring your hot wheels with you :P
u bet i will
Haggis McBagpipe
My name is Haggis. I am an addict. One day long ago, I posted one tiny lone post. Next time I looked, there were over 3000 more of the damn things. How the heck did *that* happen. Is there a cure? I think not. Do I want to be cured? Hypothetical question, considering the odds of it ever happening.
repete after me there is no cure , i dont wanna be cured
there is no cure , i dont wanna be cured
there is no cure , i dont wanna be cured

i suppose this isnt haelping are cause is it?
Rick van Opbergen
Haggis I know what you are going through - I'm experiencing the same *sigh*
me 2 im 2 young to be on a drug...
haha the funny thing is everyone is coming here to discuss their addiction. Isn't that sorta like having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a bar?
Reverend Blair
Where else would you have one?
ive got no clue man btw whats a bar i usualy get knoked out when i run into one
time for a revival of this club so lets get to it ppl
Rick van Opbergen
OK. You start
ok hi im a 15 yea rold CCalcaholic i joined a bit less than 2 weeks ago and since then i cant quit i have over 60 posts a day

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