YAAAAYYY JD reaches 600 posts

Diamond Sun
Um, well you head down that big highway called the Transcanada, you pass a provincial border, or two, go over some mountains, down a hill, by a big lake, back up a hill, and it's the white house on the corner.
Rick van Opbergen
Aha ... that was ... useful ... I'll be at your house in lets say twenty minutes ... just a little tip: I like beer and cocktail nuts
Ok Diamond, thanks for the directions.. I'm coming to visit you after my cold & fever is done with, which is maybe in a 5 days or so? Might take me a few hours to get there So since it's the second star on the right, I'm assuming Montreal is the first star, Toronto is the second star.. I turn up right (north) past Manitoba' border and right on until Saskatoon? Morning actually might be British Columbia though.
Diamond Sun
Ooh, I like your sense of deduction Andem.

Cold and fever eh? I've been coughing and sneezing for the last few hours. I think you've sent me your sickness! STOP IT!! I don't want it!!
Diamond Sun
Oooh. Here it is, the big test. Post 775....now we shall see whether Andem was in fact lying...
Diamond Sun
Rick van Opbergen
Congratulations Diamond
Diamond Sun
Thanks Rick....however, I've just realized that I don't get my next name until 1000 posts. I'm just not sure I have the stamina for that...
Rick van Opbergen
Hey I've almost reached the 1200 posts by now, and I'm just two months here!
Diamond Sun
Ah yes, I've noticed. You really do deserve the title. I however have to fill most of my days with sitting in an office, pretending to work. Doesn't allow for much posting time. Also, my family likes to see me when I am home, so sometimes I have to sneak away to get a post in here or there. For me, it really is a miracle I have as many posts as I do....
I wont reach the 1000 in years :P I gtg for a few days cause I'm kinda.. ill. Not really good.. Ricky you're not.. fair.. :P You've been here for 2 months and ya got to 1200 posts and I'm here since April and I have almost 670?
Rick van Opbergen
Well I can only say that being a student does not seem to be a lot of work so far for me ... hehehehe ... and sometimes I can get really carried away, posting in almost every thread, 20, 30 posts in 15 minutes ...
Almost 775! :P
Rick van Opbergen
Nog tien te gaan hé! Go JDream, go JDream hahaha ...
Diamond Sun
25 more posts and I'll hit that 1000. Can you believe it?
Diamond Sun
Time marches on
and the night grows old,
The heater's gone off
and my feet are getting cold.

My dogs have long
since fallen asleep
Curled up on my bed
counting their sheep

So it seem for now
my work here is done.
I've done it and reached
post one thousand and one.
Rick van Opbergen
Very good Diamond Sun, congratulations!
775! YaY!

Oh well ;p
nice but ive got all my 28 posts i think in 24 hours
oops make that 31
Rick van Opbergen
I got 1730 posts in just two and a halve months, ha! That is some 26 posts a day broahahaha ...
well i can only hope to have as much time as u ...
Rick van Opbergen
Haha yeah the last two months have been pretty ... relaxing. But on the other hand, I'm just a pure addict ... I always have time, even when I don't.
i see well i like this site alot its realy kool
btw y r there netherlands ppl on the canadian thingy
not accusin just askin
Rick van Opbergen
Huh? You mean what I am doing here as a Dutchman?
whait my tired mind finaly get it ur from canada but r curently living in the netherlands? or is it ur question i donno ... so confused
Rick van Opbergen
I'm a Dutchman, I have absolutely not a single connection with Canada ...
ah could u explain why ur here?
its ok if u dont what to
Rick van Opbergen
Haha you're the first to ask, and I don't mind, it's kinda logical I think you ask me that ... why I'm here? I was kicked from another forum, an American one, and I was just surfing on the net, trying to find a new one ... and then I came here, and I decided to stay, 'cause I like it here

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