Do You Blog?

Just out of curiousity... who has a blog? Links please.
Paranoid Dot Calm
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Hi! Jillyvn

I got a blog.

About a year ago, when I first setting up my site, I included a blog. But, I couldn't think of anything to blog-about.

I know it's weird .... But, I'd always feel as though I was talking to myself .... sort of like writing in a diary.

If I want to talk to people, I come here and drop a comment as an example.

At one point, I considered a blog which dealt with what it was like to live on 930 bucks a month in Ontario. I might just yet!

Just to try it out, I placed a few pages of content ... but not since.

This is a link at my blog (external - login to view)
You may need to sign in but that is only because I hate crawlers and to have some sort of security. (Sorry about that.)

I used to have my own web mail client, chat channel at mIRC and also a Java Chat and Java Forums running, but not right now.

Right now I use VB-Forum 3.3 but it is closed to members. I only use it as a storage or database. I intend to open it at sometime in the future when I can afford to update my server from a Pentium3 to a Pentium4 and include streaming audio/video. That could take 20 years!

Do you blog?

I am going to check out your blog either tonight or tomorrow am... as it is getting late.

I am a newbie blogger, coming into the game rather late. I must admit, so far I love it.

I like your idea about living in Ontario on $930... I would read it

In case anyone cares, (external - login to view). Not much there yet, but visitors are welcome.
I had a Blog.. It was just gone after like.. 2 years..
Paranoid Dot Calm
Paranoid Dot Calm
Quote: Originally Posted by Paranoid Dot Calm

Please don't register or join. They are never meant to be open publicly yet.
Maybe, I finally found someone who I can bounce ideas off of?

That's what this place was designed for
Some of those blogs are very interesting. Myself I live a blog, so I don't have to write it down :P
I think the forum format looks good. Let me know if you get the blog up about disability pensions etc... I think you could combine it with political and news commentary

Quote: Originally Posted by Paranoid Dot Calm

Hi Jillyvn

I'm sorry if I seem "long winded" ... but to have a good meaningful discussion with you concerning blogs .... I feel the need to elaborate. (Maybe, I'll just bore yuh!)

Three years ago I purchased two domain names. because I'm an identical twin and we share the same home together. Thus we are a pair of annoyed twins. because I wanted to open up a site where I could write a story about me and my twin. (His name being Dot and mine being Calm)

It took me about a year to get Pair-Annoyed off the ground. I just wanted to learn how to accomplish the task and learn how to run a site. I also wanted a place to store pics and humour on the net. So, the site only contains a collection of cartoons and graphics which I've managed to find while trippin' around Mouse Land.

I'm a news junkie. If I were to run a blog, it would involve lots of commentary on current International issues and politics. So, in August of this year, I began to "collect" reference material or research material for a database. I intend to run a blog, using the DotAndCalm domain name and have the ability to reference the article or research to my own bulletin board.
Thus, my blog would contain graphics, linked references and then of course my commentary.
Here is a link to my bulletin board. You'll see I've been working hard. I'll leave the link active for the next 12 hours or so.
Check out the choices of "styles" from the bottom left of page. I have a lot of art work yet to do.

Please don't register or join. They are never meant to be open publicly yet. (external - login to view)
Maybe, I finally found someone who I can bounce ideas off of?

Paranoid Dot Calm
I don't know very much about blog software, but wordpress seems to be one of the more popular ones, so I went with that.

Thanks for the offer.
Paranoid Dot Calm

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