william shanter

oh my god this morning at excerise class one of the women brought some music from william shanter new CD, I could not believe it, we bounced off the walls...I never knew william shanter made such music I am buying this as soon as I get off work today....here is a sample I found for anyone interested. The whole Album rocks

www.shoutfactory.com/av/common_people.mov (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
I've been waiting for this ever since Henry Rollins was in town. He's on the album and did a terrific bit in his live show about recording with Shatner.
Is this the Star Trek guy? I listened to the music, but he wasn't singing??? was he suppose to be??? i guess it would be scary if he was. my god, i am laughing myself silly here. help!!!

grasshopper, pick me up quickly, i am suffocating.

rev - give me the truth on this one, i know pea wouldn't do that.....

The name of the CD is "has been" the whole thing is unbelievable, you could burn a thousand calories when you put it on, it makes you go nuts :P I will burn mine and send you one galaniomama yes it was captain kirk, and girl go see a ear specialist, and while you are there see the brain surgeon to :P
thru my speakers here at work, i get no singing, just muzac. i downloaded the one you had the link to.....and my ears are fine thank you, along with my brain.
While that's Shatner talking I'm pretty sure it's Joe Jackson that does the singing part.
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The god of small things...one of the best books i ever read
Joe Jackson, Aimee Mann, Henry Rollins and Brad Paisley are on the CD with shanter. Its so good
Reverend Blair
How many people have Shatners other record...the one from his Star Trek days? I have it and Leonard Nimoy's too. Space re-released them as a CD called Spaced Out a few years ago.
captain kirk and spock put out records? surely you jest I never knew that?
Reverend Blair
Oh yeah...Shatner does the hokiest version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ever recorded. I'll burn you a copy.
Thanks rev, I think I might like to hear that I will burn you a copy of has been and send it to you...also have you heard of pearls before swine/one nation underground....awesome...if you do not have it I will burn a copy to.
Reverend Blair
I've heard that mentioned on the internet (maybe by you?) but I've never heard it.
Well I stumbled upon them at the music store..I will burn you a copy I think you will enjoy it...here is something about them or him which ever you like

www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv...tures/rapp.htm (external - login to view)
Peapod I heard all about it, this morning in class. Where were you? hiding out Rumor has it the instructor lost control of the class because you and the other "2" went "nuts" as you put it. You are to much mid-air sumersaults Where do you learn these things
See now that is a bunch of hooey....I cannot do mid air sumersaults, I have to run and leap :P mid air woud we awesome tho :P and I did not start it, the other two did and the truth is we could not help ourselves the tunes were just to good, and the pace to slow....we hada move...run and leap, twist and twril..and I am not hiding out :P I already just had my excerise with home support workers, we went nuts to new order, even lept on to the counter....lots of woos and ahs....when I did that ....mwaaahaahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaahhahaha

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