Laughter and Forgetting?

Running like a horse between the trees
The ground beneath my feet
Gives me something to hold on to

With the reins around my heart
Guided by hands that spread life before my very eyes

Well every hope falls down on it's knees in time
But I'm no longer lost
Every day, every second, every hour inside
Love's my only guide

Are these the years for laughter and forgetting?

David Sylvian - I am a great admirer. From when he was a teen idol in the glam-rock band Japan (late 70’s, early 80’s), from albums Adolescent Sex, to songs ****en Television, to their last album Tin Drum with Japanese textures, to David’s solo work with Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe), Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and the vernerable Robert Fripp (King Crimson), with his lyrics, David portrays an contemplative look on life and self-reflection, to emotional and passionate lanscapes that carry one to a cerebral experience of comfort and happiness.

Does anyone have special lyrics, a poem, a unique set of words that have that EXTRA special meaning in one’s life?

WAVE in many respects details the theme of the relationship I have with my wife (in ways difficult to explain to mere mortals) - our 20th anniversary is in a few weeks. Do not settle for anything less...


It seems that I remember
I dreamed a thousand dreams
We'd face the days together
No matter what they'd bring
A strength inside like I'd never known
Opened the door to life and let it go

This sun may shine forever
Upon the back of love
A kingdom raised from ashes
And held within your arms
And should the rain break through the trees
We'll find a shelter there and never leave

I'll run to you, nothing stands between us now
Nothing I can lose
This light inside can never die
Another world just made for two
I'll swim the seas inside with you
And like the waves, without a sound
I'll never let you down

Upon a wave of summer
A hilltop paved with gold
We shut our eyes and made
The promises we hold
A will to guide and see us through
I'd do it all again because of you

I'd tear my very soul to make you mine
I have some of David Sylvian music, you have good taste in music, expect 1963 is the best new order song :P And wow! you are rather a deep person.
ok this is something that I wrote...inspired by my lover

My Own Beauty
I used to pick myself apart
I’d pick at this and that
My hair’s not straight, my skin’s too dark
I think I’m getting fat
I totally bashed my body
And I tormented my mind
There was so much self-destruction
I had to save myself in time
But now I’m getting better
With my best friend by my side
He tells me that I beautiful
That there’s no need to hide
Each day I look into the mirror
I squint and stare a while
Then I see my beauty shining through
It’s really worth a smile.

Valérie Worthen
Inspired by Gyan RE
Well cheers and beers to your beautiful poem hockeybabe...ah yes the first bloom of love

I am kinda fond of this one :P

Romeo and Juliet

If you will die for me,
I will die for you
and our graves will be like two lovers washing
their clothes together
in a laundromat
If you will bring the soap
I will bring the bleach
that's um...interesting..

oh and thanks for the beers...*drinks a Molson* ahhh! does a body good..
Dexter Sinister
Ooh, some heavy stuff in here. I'm trying to shift my mental gears after the trivial nonsense I just posted in Peapod's Naughty Bits thread... I'm no poet, in fact I have the practical soul of a hard-nosed engineer, but I think I have something useful to contribute here.

20 years for you, eh Vista? Good for you. My wife and I are coming up on 24 years the end of October. And after all those years, we're still best friends as well as lovers, and to me she's still the hottest babe I know. Wanna know the secret? It's no secret, really. We were friends first, for several years before sex reared its ugly head and made it all complicated, and we've remained friends. That's what carries you through, and it's all that can carry you through. You're not going to be madly in love all the time, it takes too much time and energy. There will be rough spots in any relationship. If you're only lovers, not friends, you won't make it, because you won't care enough about each other to see it through. Ya gotta be friends, first and foremost, or you'll lose it all.

One more point: my lovely wife has a splendidly vulgar sense of humour, and she can make me laugh like nobody else I've ever met.

She also has great legs.
well I'm happy that you've found the perfect one!

me too..I met my boyfriend when I was 14. I was on the verge of commiting suicide or something crazy, because I couldn't stand to live in the US for another day. but then one day, I got an e-mail saying "why do you keep deleting my mail???" so I took a look inside and it was this man. He had a thought that maybe I could be Shania Twain. He had high doubts, but said that it was worth a try. Then he said that since I have the knick name of his "goddess" he wants to keep in touch...then he we fell in love. out of ALL the girls with the nick name "Shania" he chose to keep in touch with me!! out of alllllll of the gorgeous girls in Québec, he chose someone 10 thousand miles away in Las Vegas, NV...I believe that Shania Twain is an angel who brought us together and I thank her very often. (btw, we've been talking for almost 3 winters) So yeah, I never believed in love over the internet until him and I wouldn't choose anyone else in the world.
It doesant appear you were able to shift those gear dex :P :P
Dexter Sinister
[quote="HockeyBabe"]well I'm happy that you've found the perfect one! /quote]

Thank you. So am I, and I'm happy for you too, but it was more like she found me, actually. This is one of those events engraved with photographic clarity on my memory. She watched me go through a couple of dismal failed relationships, then announced one evening, "You're just terrible at choosing women for yourself, so I'm going to choose one for you."

"Oh really?" I said, "and who's that?"

"Me," she said.

What can you do with a statement like that? My first thought was that it might spoil a lovely friendship that meant a lot to me, but after agonizing about it for a few days, I thought, "What if she's right? Can I afford not to find out?"

I decided I couldn't, I had to follow it and see where it led. I gave her multiple opportunities to back out, but she refused to have anything to do with them, she'd made up her mind.

And she was right. On our first date after that announcement, which was I suppose our first real date in the usual sense, we were discussing movies over dinner, and the conversation turned to vampire movies. She soon became hilariously (well, to me anyway) crude. She began to speculate about the possible existence of vampires interested in other fluids than blood. I guess you had to be there, it doesn't seem particularly funny when I write it down. She mentioned the lymph vampire, the pus vampire, the snot vampire, and I sat there thinking, "Wow, you really aren't trying to make an impression at all, you're just being who you are and letting your vulgar sense of humour show, and I can take it or leave it."

I took it. I think women are way smarter at some things than men are. Or at least way smarter than this man is.
awww that's really nice Dexter! I love romance and it comes in all different shapes in sizes! and in your case, it was talking about vampires..

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