Happy Friday!

Just wanted to see what everyone is doing this Friday night, I've decided not to go out tonight and have a quiet Friday but by god, Saturday won't be dull

Going out? Having a few drinks? Staying in?
Haggis McBagpipe
How intriguing! Something good is happening to Andem tomorrow night, that much is clear. Do tell!

We are watching the debate, naturally. I would not miss it for the world. Hotdamn.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm also watching the debate... all alone! Roomie is gone tonight, sooo.

Right now I have it on the BBC they're interviewing some random people about the debate. Apparantly Bush will be prepared. Yeah right.

* fingers are crossed * Let's home Kerry wins and turns the tide at last.
Haggis McBagpipe
8-) You forgot to tell us about your hot plans for tomorrow night!

What gets me is that no matter what Bush does wrong, the ratings stay relatively high for him. I just don't understand that, do you?

Good thing: tonight is a 'town-hall' style of debate, the voters get to ask questions, no-holds-barred. Thing is, Bush usually does well in such situations, but ONLY because he always has pro-Bushians planted in the audience. He only asks them the questions, and they ask him hard questions like, "Do you eat broccoli?" (I am serious, that was a question asked of him.) Tonight, he will get much harder questions, and he does not do very well with such questions. I am psyched.
Tomorrow night: Pure drunkeness.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pull myself together Sunday morning to visit family for Thanksgiving dinner.
Nosey aren't ya :P Well since I gotta put my garden to bed tomarrow, I am not doing much...But sunday I will gather with my kin folk for a nice dysfunctional family get together. Hopefully I will be able to get a few punches in They are a nasty bunch though, they like to gang up on me. This comes from childhood when I beat the snot out of them, but one at time...than they came up with a brilliant 4 agin one. Still though they do kind of back down when I bring the bat :P I hope we don't kill each other before turkey is served..I have heard through the family grapevine that my brother has aquired a assortment of paint ball material...and he does live right next to woods..god the guy is such a dumb ***...better bring old cloths :P

As for friday night....well first I am going down to china town for dim sum...with some friends...its nasty but there is the odd good thing...most of it makes you want to puke your brains out...but the dumplings are good...and the yabber yabber and dirt makes for nice atomsphere. And than what else "starbuck jesters" yes the usual gathering, the stuff of legends in the neighbourhood. We walk tall we starbuck jesters. And I have been voted "ms. Moxie" by my little troupe...we will marvel and gasp at angus's nose...which the doctor just broke and reset for some reason, it does not stop him from ranting is "red" beliefs....and of course Val, a lovely blonde with brains and a most delicious wit, than there is james a antique dealer...who in trying to outsmart the taxman, buggered himself instead...and dave our inhouse medical student, who becomes very upset and stomps off home when I call him dude, and of course everyone follows and we all say in sync "dude" I swear he almost starts crying...and bill the bank manager, who we all mistrust because we know he is a thief..but he has and how can I forget "NIKO" whoa stud muffin extrodinaire...and he plays scoccer for the Vancouver white caps...god its a disgrace to be that good looking! And every so often galaniomama comes and joins us....and of course the hoe "sparky" the women is out of control now that NIKO is back...I have to put a muzzle on her when he is around...I think she wants to bite him, and I know she would give anything to spank him :P And than of course the grocery people show up on their breaks, a "lively" bunch they are to. This is where the worlds problem get solved, over a nice lattie and some good time jesters I will be back around 10 to keep you company...unless niko says otherwise :P :P :P :P you need panting smilies here
go Kerry... Friday is ... blah.. a bad day, lol.
I've had such a long week I'm probably just gonna sleep til Tuesday morning.
Reverend Blair
I was sick, so I went out and drank a million beer. Now I'm sick and hung-over. On the bright side, the burning fever sometimes overtakes the throbbing head ache and I can drift in blissful unconsciousness for a few minutes. Then the dogs jump on me.
Do the dogs lick your face rev? Hope your birthday was good, it must have been with a million beers to wash it down :P
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by Haggis McBagpipe

What gets me is that no matter what Bush does wrong, the ratings stay relatively high for him. I just don't understand that, do you?

Especially in conservative circles, Bush is seen as someone who protects the traditional values, according to an analysis in our newspaper, while Kerry is portraited by the Republicans as a person who wants to change the US to a sort of modern Sodom and Gomorra ... that's why especially a lot of women vote for Bush (according to my Sociology teacher), cause they want their children to grow up in a society with proper values ... don't forget that people tend to follow popular stereotypes, not only in the US.
Reverend Blair
They do lick my face, Peapod. If I refuse to respond, the old one uses her nose as a crowbar to make me move too.


that's why especially a lot of women vote for Bush (according to my Sociology teacher), cause they want their children to grow up in a society with proper values .

The so-called "security mom" syndrome seems to be a bit of an hoax. Somebody did a study and discovered that women who vote for Bush are pretty much like men who vote for Bush...rich, white-collar, white-skinned.

There is very much a class war going on in the US right now. The problem is that the poor people don't vote much.
Rick van Opbergen
Well, according to both Lance Tarrance and Leslie Sanchez (Republicans, and the ones who wrote an article about the role of women in these upcoming elections), women are the key factor when it comes to the re-election of Bush, and according to Gallup poles taken after the Republican convention, women do favor Bush more than they favor Kerry, and among the reasons for it are the fact that Bush appeals to women with his "we will protect our future, the American children, with our fight against terrorism" blablabla, you know, the usual propaganda.
Howdy from Michigan!! I did a search on "happy friday" and came across this...

Hopefully the fact that I live in the States is not a problem for me posting here... WE DID NOT VOTE FOR BUSH!!! Does that help?

Anyway I have a silly website with a column I've written for lots of years, and it's called... Happy Friday!!! Is that cool or what?


Friday..I'm picking my oldest baby up from camp!!!!! I've missed him so much.

Then I dunno, maybe get some pizza and curl up to the man that I love on the couch and watch a movie...maybe a beer, don't know, though, he gets me intoxicated enough without the alcohol
So what did everybody do with their Friday?

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