Best Excuses to get out of work (Excuses To Get Out Of Work)

Come on we've all done it once or twice, or maybe more. What was the best excuse you gave for not going into work?
OK I'll start.

How about when the first space shuttle was landing and nobody knew exactly where it was going to land. I told the office that I needed parts for my car but the flight was delayed due to the space shuttle landing.

Teehee, they bought it.
Rick van Opbergen
Just a month ago I said I had an introductory camp for my upcoming study at the university, and I couldn't come that Saturday to work ... actually I could work after all, because I decided not to go to the introductory camp... but I was tired (already had had five days of introduction at the university) so I had a pretty good reason after all actually.
The most classic reason, ofcourse, is that you're sick and have some 24hour flu or something. Usually, I take work off when I'm sick and that's when I really am sick. If I need to take day off, I usually just take it off in advance.
Oh sure Andem, way to go, make us all feel guilty.

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