The Irony

Stupid *** Canadian ****head: "Your website is so stupid, get a life, you ****en loser!"

"Liberal anti-war anti-US propaganda and nothing more."

"I just cried and cried and cried when I saw that video of dozens of FALLUJAH terrorists being blown to bits. **** you you worthless Muslim loving dog ****er."

Now I know I have made it. The IRONY of it all.
I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.
Rick van Opbergen
Never knew you went to Vietnam peapod.
Another comment:

To whom it may concern,

I went to your website through a link posted on a blog.
The linked video although violent, was misrepresented as US forces killing innocent civilians when both you and I know that is not the case.

The terrorists of the world delight in such propaganda and you are in effect supporting their cause by offering irresponsible reporting designed to make the US look like the bad guy.

The reason no one will touch any of your stories with the exception of perhaps Al-Jazeera, is that they are false and have no basis in reality.

The news no one will touch are the stories of real human perserverance and the desire of a people to be free. I've seen plenty of pictures of US soldiers helping children, bringing jobs, water, electricity, security and a new found sense of freedom to the Iraqi people.

The liberal media would rather depict Iraqis as an angry mob being
oppressed by George W. Bush since it better serves their purpose.

Your friends at CBS are realizing now what airing such stories can bring. I'm sure in the future, they'll steer clear of liberals with the Michael Moore mentality for that's what you are.

You attempt to demoralize our troops and agitate our citizenry with partisan intention. You in effect are part of the problem and none of the cure.

Someone needs to reveal you for the frauds that you are and bring an end to yet another devisive liberal mouthpeice.
Kinda like George Orwell.....1984

Vietnam, Iraq is one big napalm nightmare....
They should nuke all the people that don't share their point of view, they would solve their problem that way.
You need away
You need away
You're damn right I need coffee!! I spent the morning dreaming about my bed with my new Papeete sheets
Papetee sheets explain....details..what sorta dreams
Not papeete sheeps, sheets

Got those new sheets with palm trees on it, white and dark blue! They're nice! Since I can't be with palm trees right now I will at least dream about them
exciting stuff....thanks for sharing...

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