Autumn is Here

Well, it seems to me that in these recent years, autumn - and actually any seasonal change - means something to me. much more than my younger days. Do you feel the same? I feel the 'primal ooze' as pea often puts it. But it's true! A definite change in season, reflections on life, pondering.......
oh that was so touching....sniffle...oh what the hell
Ok I will be nice to you, saving the :P for later.

Indian myth tells us that heavenly hunters killed the great bear of the heavens in the fall, and its blood dripped over the forests, coloring some of the leaves red. Other leaves turned yellow when fat splattered out of the celestial cauldron as the hunters cooked the meat
I guess I love the autumn for it's now I know how it got those colours pea, that's a lot you bitch. That's right, destroy my day and my thoughts. Trust you. Just because you got to see Rusty and I didn't. Hey - remember Rusty from the Friendly Giant. Oh my god, I loved that show!!!!

Picture this:
guitar-playing chicken hangs in a sack on a castle wall while a giraffe with blue spots sticks his head in through a nearby window.
....sound of harp and tin whistle playing in back ground.....

look up.....wayyyyyyyy...up..." I will call rusty"

Early one morning,
Just as the sun was rising,
I heard a maid sing,
In the valley below.

2. Gay is the garland,
And fresh are the roses,
I've culled from the garden,
To place upon thy brow.

3. Remember the vows,
That you made to your Mary,
Remember the bower,
Where you vowed to be true,

4. Thus sang the poor maiden,
Her sorrows bewailing,
Thus sang the poor maid,
In the valley below.

O, don't deceive me,
O, never leave me,
How could you use
A poor maiden so?

My brother once told our niece that Jerome Giraffe was gay.

I think he was on to something...
you could be right there.
Can you name this show?

"The woodchuck hibernates in snowy climes" and the two hosers in Goin' Down The Road ran over the unfortunate creature on the highway on their way to Trawna.
Some poor kid had to sing the Friendly Giant song one day at the end of the year show. Trust me, be glad it was an instrumental for the show or everyone would have changed the channel.

But like you Galianomamma I do enjoy the changes in the seasons. Fall is my favorite cause my birthday is in the fall, it's cooler and just more comfortable for me. I love the colors and storms. Yeah I'm a westcoaster all right.

"The woodchuck hibernates in snowy climes"

yeah, yeah........'The Hinterlands'..weren't they just a little ad that came on before the friendly giant. well, they couldn't call the show the 'gay giant' could they??
Ya Ya....whatever you say ok what show is this? the show included such adventures as fire fighting, fishing trips, guides provided, animals trained, rescue work undertaken, but most important clue of all chub stanley.....
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

Well, it seems to me that in these recent years, autumn - and actually any seasonal change - means something to me. much more than my younger days.

Funny you should mention this today, for I have very much been feeling that way myself these days. I've always been very nostalgic in the fall, it takes me back to younger years more than any other season. Spring gets me feeling excited about the future, winter usually energizes me, and summer makes me feel mellow and lazy. Fall is (and always has been) my favourite season, a kind of automated nostalgia-o-rama time for me. I am also, as I get older, more keenly aware of how few seasons, relatively speaking, we actually get to experience before we die.
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