best pickup line or not!!!

Another lofty subject hashed out at starbucks last night. Some were really funny. Can't remember them all. Let hear them, or this thread can go to the graveyard with the rest of my threads
This one gets my vote...

Can I come over and do your housework?
Pick up lines........what about that concert you went to on the weekend. I want details!!! Neil Young - up close and personal. Please do tell all!!!
hey Hoe Well thats a whole lot nicer than last nigh
You gotta big head today phone conversation between peapod and galaniomama last night....

Ring...ring....ring.....hello sniffle....hey how you doing? Peapod!! you coming over? No...its to late...what are you doing there? ....oh we are having a wake...hic what did you do this weekend pea? Nothing!!! went and saw Neil young friday night....WHAT!!!!! YOU GOD DAM BITCH!!!! I am not takking to you anymore...hic hic click... You hung up on me

It was good! very good! it would have been more fun if you and hubby had been along, I like seeing your lofty reserved husband go nuts! which he did last time we saw Neil was awesome to see him act like such a goof Long Live Rusty!
I saw your hubby at starbucks on friday afternoon, he did not know me at first..since my hair is burgandy now
OMG pea, i cannot believe i survived my family....or that they survived me. God, i got gonzood. anyways, my uncle had passed away and the family decided to have a celebration of his life. poor man. lots of food, good fun, and way too much drink. my nephew brought me a shooter that was premade in a shooter glass. it went down way too smoothly. that was the beginning of the end. phones ringing, friends calling, food being cooked - where did it go?? i never even got a chance to see the food cooked - it disappeared. pizza ordered. poof - gone too. oh well, lots of fun, way too much laughing and now i am here at work trying my best to handle the day. if i can. i row tonight. god help us.
poor baby. Bite the hair of the dog why don't ya? have a quick shooter. me I am skipping around, dancing around to when the music is good, can I take you to a 12 step meeting tonight? I will go with you, I like those sober drunks I tell you tho, when you slammed the phone in my hear for at least 10 minutes I was my head off. Dam you are as cute as your avatar :P
My brothers favorite pick up line, which clearly shows what I have been saying all along, he is a dumb ***! But he does know about fish and fishing

I'm the battery, you're the potato chip........I'm Eveready, if you're Frito-Lay.

Galaniomama ( why do you have have such a long name?) I am going now, work to do. Row row your boat, gently down the stream tonight :P

I'm the battery, you're the potato chip........I'm Eveready, if you're Frito-Lay.

where does your brother come up with these lines?

he must have a book he relies on. i hope.
You assume alot! I seriously doubt if my brother can read. I see Bevvy is here. Lets hear about the house you bought.
How about getting to the point and saying..

Let's get home and get it on.
What kind of ad is that man?

Did it hurt?.... "what?....." When you fell from heaven,.... did it hurt?
How about this..

Is that a keg in your pants, cause I'd sure like to tap that ***!
Haggis McBagpipe
I've got the money, honey, if you've got the time.
I wish this thread would go to the graveyard :P Here is another of my brothers...remember he is the one who had a pair of ladies underwear in a bottle of he is capable of anything...these are not my lines...they are to dumb *** for even me..ok here is another one of his..

They call me coffee cause i grind so fine

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