What are you doing?

Ok there are a few of us here, lets chat. Avie how are you doing? we have not had a morning chat for awhile? what did you do today? raining over there at molly's reach?
lady C, how are you tonight? Anything exciting going on? Maybe haggis is here? if so what did you do today haggis? I have already chatted with the rev over in another thread. I am sure by the time I finish writing this you will all have log out anyway
Reverend Blair
What am I doing? I'm going to bed. G'night.
Rick van Opbergen
I suddenly realize I have a bunch of homework to do <SIGH>
Haggis McBagpipe
Just woke up (Sunday morning), time for croissants, strawberries, cream and lots of coffee. Then my brain might function on at least three of its four cylinders.
i overslept a touch, which nicely provides me all the symptons of a hangover, even though i barely drank last night.

i may attack this faux-hangover with denny's french toast and more booze.
Haggis, after that breakfast you will have to get out there and do some peddling It sound good tho, and of course you got Mr. Mcbagpipe there to feed you those strawberries.

I am heading out on a bike ride myself, its Sunday, kid day time. We are going around elk lake, 14k trail around it. This is when I like to have the lonely planet CD blasting in my ears, cause we have our little races up the hills, and down the hills, look! no hands! whizzing through the puddles, hearing branches snap, whatz that! a little airborne stuff..granted the hills are tiny we jump, but at least we make the effort Then when I beat them to the the top of hill, I can stand on top and yell I am the king of the world..with of course lonely planet blasting in my ears...I like the sounds of that twang twang of the didgeridoo, I think thats what they call it? Now I must go get fuel before I start off on my trip to the top of the hill, starbucks! than I am whizzing off
Haggis McBagpipe
Sounds like a good way to spend a day, Pea. Have fun!
My daughter and I just returned from a 2 km hike through the woods. Whew, she moves at quite a clip for a city girl. Isn't the whole concept of going for a walk in the woods to admire the scenery and breath the clean air and all that?
So now I'm whacked and needing nap and she's gone shopping!!!!!!!!
Haggis McBagpipe
Funny, it's the other way with my daughter and me, she has the infinitely lazy and relaxed soul of my mother, so I have to slow down for her. Unless, of course, we are shopping (which I find exhausting), then she is the Marathon Woman and I am the one wanting to stop at least every 1/2 hour for a break.
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