The Transformers

Two weeks ago, I turned on the tv and Transformers The movie was playing! I'm a Transformers kid here, had a lot of them back in the eighties so I really enjoyed watching this movie once again 18-19 years later. My mother gave all my figurines to my cousin then his mother gave them to who knows... I never totally recovered from this loss

The point of this post is to ask you if you were a Transformers fan back then, had figurines or still have them! Do you miss this series? I know they're selling all the season on DVD but they're a bit expensive. Someday, I'll go to and order them!

Transformers, more than meets the eye!
plans for a live-action movie (external - login to view) (possibly directed by Roland Emmerich!
Mmm, I hope they do something good with it, it always scares me when they try to take cartoons to movies! Guess we'll have to wait! Thanks for the link
Reverend Blair
I hate those damned things. I'm too old to be a Transformers kid, but their recent revival means we have to photograph them at work. Part of my job consists of trying to set the damned things up.
Send me the pics!
boys and there toys
That's why they say we don't grow up!

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