All Hallows Eve

halloween is the best Each year I can hardly wait for it to roll around so I can go nuts with ideas. I always attend a bash and I always try to come with the best costume...This year I am having the party, I need input, I need it will be a bash to any ideas?
What about Zira, you seem to like her!
thanks! but no thanks...this requires imagination..something that will blow it will take weeks to plan the party..every detail must be planned..I do not throw parties...but when I do watch out...I am going all out....nothing is stopping me...the starbuck gang are bringing a water fountain...but this water fountain is different.....I love it!!!! it will be circulating chocolate....apparently a new spin on the old water fish....just fruit
Somebody has got to have a halloween story!...well here is one...I am sure some people here have driven through cathedral grove on the way to Port Alberni. You cannot go to long beach or tofino without passing through my home town. Cathedral grove is a old growth ancient forest. The trees are massive. Its always dusk through there, even in broad daylight...the place is kinda spooky, especially if you know trees have fallen on the road and killed a few people...Anyway every year after halloween is over people going up and down the hump drop off there pumpkins in cathedral grove. As you drive through there are craved pumpkins everywhere! This goes on for miles. Some are beside the road, some are up in trees, some are peaking out at you from behind the bushes, some are on top of get the picture...and there are hundred of them After a few weeks if you happen to be driving through the pumpkin faces are melting, on their way to being compost...They look like that screaming face is very creepy and spooky especially if you have had a hoot!

You have to make your legends in regards to halloween...I kinda have one..sorta. The hump which is the name of the climb up and down the mountain to have to take to get in or out of Port Alberni is a very scary piece of road. You can tell right away if the person driving behind you or in front of you is a local or not. The locals can drive the hump blindfolded....anybody else is usually very frightened by her descent...although it has improved with the addition of exta lanes now. Anyway as you can always tell if the person behind you is a local by the way they drive, its always polite to pull most time people from port alberni are in a hurry to get somewhere. Well a few days after halloween one year, I was driving down the hump, and of course a local came up behind me, so I slow down to let them pass....Well has he is passing I realize it is patrick a old classmate of mine. As I look over he looks at me with a big grin...and in the passenger seat sitting on top of something is a craved pumpkin looking over at me, with a god awful grin....It was the strangest sight that I have happenstanced upon in a long time....I had to pull over...I was laughing so hard....
Further down the road I stop at the whiskey creek store which is very well known for the best ice cream around...and the biggest to. I stop in get an ice-cream, like I always do. I come out and go to get into my car...and there is that pumpkin sitting in my passenger seat...I look around, up and down the road...nope he is no where around. So I get in my car and continue on driving...I use my cell phone and call Port Alberni to see where patrick was working these days. Well thats nice its right on my way....I stop off where Patrick works, he is not around but I put the pumpkin through the anntenna on his car.....A few weeks later...I got some pumpkin seeds from patrick in the mail...that summer I grew pumpkins from those seeds....come halloween time...I delivered a few to Patrick.....god I love halloweeen
Haggis McBagpipe
A guy we know came to a party dressed as a farmer. He had a large stuffed sheep, facing outwards, attached to the front of his trousers. That one has never been topped, in my books.
why wait till hallowe'en? this sunday is International Talk Like a Pirate day. dress up for that.
Hey pea, max came home last night with a very interesting story...seems he was at a&b sound shopping for music, and he noticed a little blue hoodie standing next to a black hoodie.These two hoodies were *** dancing in sync.....but wait mom the blue hoodie was Peapod, oh you did not see busy *** dancing I guess, he watched you two for awhile and
had a good pea what did you do last night? who owns the black hoodie???

Up to your usually early hallow eve tricks i think!!!
My god...why are people always tracking me I have watched to many westerns its not possible...*** dancing at a and b sound...well what else are you suppose to do there they have good tunes...and in case you have not noticed...there are lines of people *** dancing there...I myself have been part of a *** dancing line many times there....ya I am wearing my hoodie...its rainy season in case you have not hoodie...has good *** so do I...when it comes to *** as for the rest GO Fish!!!!!!! hey there is good tune on right now...I am taping my toe...its moving up my leg...I am chair dancing now...doing the broken neck thing....gotta go dance around the room now...than go on a course for the rest day....bye now....

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