SOS...calling reverend blair

Reverend....I also go to a history board...they talk there alot about reverend this and reverend that...finally I posed the following question to them......

Would you be talking about reverend blair from winnipeg? If so he is a very interesting and informed individual?
Yes they are, but his appearances are so few amd far between nowadays that we just speak of him and not to him.

Reverend you better pay a visit...there are some very nasty nazi people over there.
Reverend Blair
I stopped by there about a week ago and ridiculed the nazis for a bit, but since they have no real facts and so many at History are so well-versed in history, it seemed kind of redundant.

I've earned a day off from work though, and find myself at loose ends since the reason I took the day off just cancelled, so I guess I'll stop by and see how the gang is.
Rev, I think some of those nazi's use to go to the CBC board. There remarks have become kind of personal now.....they are not very good at humor those nazi's...real dumb *** stuff. But you appear to be a legend over there
Reverend Blair
Ah, the CBC board...a place that got so ugly they had to shut it down. Telus too. And Sympatico. Same basic reasons, and probably people, in each case from everything I've heard.

I started going to History when Pentuim 100s were state of the art, Peapod. The board has changed twice since then, once because it was shut down by hackers. I'm one of the few who has been around for that long.
what happened to the monsanto thread at the history board? I wanted my question answered. Did the professor have it deleted? The whole thing is gone. I must say reverend you rode in their like the calvary You are really an amazing person, and I mean that sincerely. I did to know where to find the monsanto information I am looking for. I need the correct facts. Where can I find this information out?
Reverend Blair
History 1 deleted the entire thing because of the Nazis inhabiting the board. We aren't supposed to respond to them anymore. No word if that extends to my good friend and Monsanto apologist Bob. I don't know if you noticed or not, Peapod, but if nobody responds to him, he just puts up another pro-Monsanto post.

Bob also has a column in the Globe and Mail, but they never responded to my queries offering to write a rebuttal column. Too bad, a regular column with the Gob and Snail would buy me that new Nikon I've been drooling over. So much for equal time.
Well its kind of funny but he teaches not far from here. Does he really work for monsanto? Rev where can I get some facts on monsanto the company. Why is so hard to find out anything about them?
Reverend Blair
The best place to get facts? Talk to canola farmers in Saskatchewan who have tried to go organic. They can't. That is the reality of Monsanto.

Monsanto's history is a little vague. I've never really into it, but they are generally described as secretive. They give a lot of money to politicians ( (external - login to view)), they sue a lot of farmers (Western Producer), they lobby governments quite heavily (WP again, various news sources).

Canada just decided not to let their wheat into the country this spring/summer because of their practices and the impact GM crops have on our trade. The Farmer's Union, the CWB, the organic farmers and Greenpeace all got together and said, "No!"

A lot of the behind the scenes pressure for the attacks on our Wheat Board is rumoured to be sponsored by Monsanto and Dupont. Both those companies (involved in genetically modified cotton) are big sponsors of anti-drug programs that keep industrial hemp out of the US too.

Google "Genetically modified crops". There's a ton of information on this stuff out there. Monsanto isn't the only company like this, but they are the most pervasive in Canada.

Does Bob work for Monsanto? No, and I never said he did. I said they pay his expenses when he travels to give speeches to ag students. He admitted that freely when a fellow named ARK (he's an organic farmer in Northern Ontario) and I kept pushing.

Monsanto is involved in research projects at the University of Bob too. I couldn't find any direct funding ties, but Monsanto people kept popping up in advisory postions and on boards. That kind of involvement usually comes with funding of one sort or another. I'm not sure what's happened with that since the wheat deal went away, but if you look up Bob's department, I'm sure you'll find the same documents I did.

I haven't had a close look at any of this lately. I wrote a thing on GM crops close to a year ago when I did some pretty deep digging, and the GM crop thing kept popping up when I was looking into aid for developing nations a few months ago. The stuff i know about Bob and the University of Bob is from when I sent the query in for the column.

Other than that I've been following the Schmeiser story (and donating money to his defense) since I first heard about it, and follow ag issues kind of casually since I know so many farmers.
Thanks reverend,
There is lots of info on GM food, monsanto interests me. Trying to find something out about this company is like a needle in a haystack. I know they produced agent orange at one time, but have since changed their name to monsanto.
I have been asked to join a urban agriculture committee, so I need to learn alot. I have always been a organic gardener, and have been in the garden since I could walk. My parents had 5 slaves, when I obtained my freedom, I shed my slave name and became peapod I have known about monsanto for years, they scare me more than any war. Gardeners have been saving their seeds for years on the island, since what they were doing came to light.

Rev, Percy Schmeiser is coming to Victoria on September 21, to speak at UVIC. I will be going to hear him, admission by assured I will donate to Percy's fund
Reverend Blair

My parents had 5 slaves

Mine only had four, and they used to loan us out to my grandfather and my uncle in the summer. Most of the farming wasn't organic then (only those damned hippies did that) but chemicals were used sparingly because of the cost and cattle herds were built by careful breeding, not by shooting them full of hormones.

By all means go and see Schmeiser speak...I hear he's good. He's become an international hero for fighting back against Monsanto, and most people in Canada don't even know who he is.

I've been trying to find a link on the Campesino Forums in Cancun for you too. Small American farmers know about these huge ag companies all too well and sent some representatives there to. Their speeches were very clear and very damning, detailing how companies like Monsanto hurt everybody with their actions.
Again thanks rev, and if you do find that link I would appreciate it. I have a mountain of stuff to read on this now All I can say is wake up world! Monsanto is here, and they are brilliant! excellent timing to. I tip my hat to you reverend, I have seen your posts in alot of forums. You are a true Canadian. Say hi to Mrs. Rev for me to
Also I posted the words to your song under the pirate thread...

Lets kick some monsanto ***
Hi peapod & Reverend Blair

Interesting comments on the "professor". I have followed his exploits on those other fora as well. "Dr" Bob likes to describe himself with impressive titles such as "Academic" and "Research Scientist". His real title is that of "Laboratory Demonstrator", which his school classifies as a non-instructional position. This puts him about on par with a grad student/Teaching Assistant. You don't suppose that someone who would describe himself so pompously might also exaggerate claims in other matters, do you?
Reverend Blair
Nah, Bob wouldn't exaggerate. I wonder if the people at The Globe and Mail know about his junior position?
My guess is that they don't really care. If you've read any of his "articles", you would have noticed that he is described as a "member" of the U of Bob bio dept. A very apt choice of words, I would say.
Reverend Blair
The Globe and Mail represents corporate interests, so they love Bob. Say what you want about him, but there is no doubt that the man is a member.
Morning Wiaf and reverend

I thought I was the only one up at this time of the day eh? Welcome to the borg wiaf. Since you follow the professor (term used loosely ) do you live on the island? next time I pass nanaimo, I think I will drop in on my neice who attends camosun college where he supposedly teaches..and see just what he actually does do there...maybe pop in and say grgrgrgr from peapod. Time to go jog a few blocks...I refuse to be the only one on the planet that has a mother that can out run her put your bio on introduce yourself wiaf so we know what we are dealing with :P
Morning peapod,

Thanks for the welcome.

You've got the wrong school, but I intend to keep my nose clean - I won't use the man's name, school, or location on this forum.

Your post was inspired. Imagine this TV documentary: "Following the professor: A day in the life of a posturing phony."
You are right, I have the wrong school, but the right town. I think comosun because I live in Victoria. He plasters his name and where abouts at the bottom of all his posts anyway

My post inspired? Well I will have to go back and read it but as my avatar says I am a umbergod, so such things are expected. inspiration was hearing Percy Schmeiser speak last month
I will send you the address of a fourm that he visits all the time..and rants his frankenstien ideas around....go over and bitch slap him..the rev does a good job of it to. I will PM you the site...go get him waif....CBC boards...will they return?
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

I will send you the address of a fourm that he visits all the time..and rants his frankenstien ideas around....go over and bitch slap him..the rev does a good job of it to. I will PM you the site...go get him waif....CBC boards...will they return?

I don't think the CBC forums will return, I've tried to access the site a few times and they are talking about a "different medium" to talk to their viewers. I was never part of those forums, but one thing for sure, they were pretty crazy so I hear.
Reverend Blair
I don't think the CBC forums are coming back. They too quickly became a place where people just tried to shout each other down.

I heard that the final straw was a physical threat against one of the posters there. I've never been able to verify it one way or the other, but it had the ring of truth to it.
Yeah, those boards are history, although, Rev., I think the final straw was the scandal caused by using the filter to identify posts involved in that never-ending mid-East flame war. Poor ole "Dr" Bob had to move his self-serving soap box as a result.
I sent you the address of where the "professor" is hanging out now.
Hey Rev have you seen the movie greenfingers yet?
i read like 2 lines and got bored and stared eating again..
what are you doing in this thread nitz the question was for the rev...bugger off :P
Reverend Blair
I have seen the movie...just the night before last, as a matter of fact. It was excellent. The fact that it's based on a true story really goes to show that attempts at reform are well worth the effort...too often we only hear about the failures.

I'll have it back in the mail to you tomorrow. Check the package for a CD you might enjoy, too.
I am glad you liked you can see why clive owens should be James Bond! I will send you some more good one have you seen a little irish movie called finding ned devine? the little old irishmen is in so good!
Reverend Blair
Is that the one with the lottery ticket that belongs to the dead guy?

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