SOS...calling reverend blair

ya thats the you have seen kind of town I will be sending the snatching of mr. parsons body...
Reverend Blair
I loved that movie...all the old guys reminded me of my great uncles on the Irish side. I laughed my *** off through the whole thing.
Greetings from tullymore :P

Ballad of Ned Devine

With thanks to those who blew the wind,
And those who sailed the ship,
We sailed it tight against the tide,
And I shall be forever in your debt :
Rev since you are into photography, you might find this website interesting. (external - login to view)
I just got the package in the mail....only you addressed it to peapod , my mailman want to know who peapod is I tried to explain but he just kept looking at me...
Reverend Blair
That's nothing...I was digging around on the mess on my desk and discovered I didn't put in the CD I was going to send you, or the letter that went with it.

Tell your mailman there will be another package for Peapod in the near future.
Rev you gotta hear this guy Maybe you know of him already. Called bonepony. (external - login to view)

PS. Rev you should really publish your stories, you have a real talent thanks for letting me read them I will keep them and when you are famous, will sell them on ebay to the highest bidder :P
Reverend Blair
There are enough copies of those floating around that you wouldn't get much, Peapod....Not even if the world made a heinous mistake and allowed me to become famous. Not too many people have all of them though...I didn't even realise there were that many until I started copying them for you guys....that's not counting the unfinished ones either.

I'll have to check out the music later. The dogs are howling to something on the TV. I'm not sure what it is, but Mrs. Rev is laughing, so there'll be no shutting them up.
Good band Peapod.
boneponey is very talented his history is also very interesting. I had never heard of him, promotheus told me about him. Rev if you like them, I will burn you a copy. It should make your dogs howl and mr. rev the dog I mean :P
Rev, take a look at this guys photographs, and for anybody else that want to look at them. (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
Just finished listening to the Bone Pony stuff...a copy would be cool.

I've seen Ilic's photographs before, but it's good to see them again. He's one of the best documentary photographers of our time. He doesn;t focus on the shock and awe parts of conflict, but on what happens to the people and the country they live in.
I asked you a question over in the cbc thread, do you know anything about this story.?
Reverend Blair
I didn't see it, Peapod...sorry 'bout that.

I have a vague memory of a psychiatrist or psychologist named David Remier or maybe a psychiatrist or psychologist wrote a paper about him. I have no idea what the story is though.
I thought maybe you might know about it, because most of the story took place in winnipeg. David remier was the victim of a botched circumcision as a toddler. I think they dubbed him the John/Joan case in the '60s and '70s.

They decided to turn him into a girl, but his gender was already decided a long time ago in the womb. The AMERICAN doctor who played with his mind lied about his research. He reported a success and proof that children are not by nature feminine or masculine but through nurture are. Which was a lie! He suffered so much. When he finally took the step and became what he was a man, after their experiments, I really hoped he would have a chance a life. But I heard he killed himself. I think he still lived in winnipeg. So sad.
Reverend Blair
That's why I remember the was all over the news here a few months back. It was a pretty sad story all right and it raises some very real questions about the medical profession.
I am sending your care package to you tomarrow, I will throw in the book. But I want to hear the sherrif story first :P
Reverend Blair
Okay, I'll type up the sherriff's story tomorrow morning. Send me an e-mail to remind me.
S.O.S Callin Rev! Hiiiiiiiiii :P How are you? lol
revvy - you have to hear that william shatner is so, well i guess i would call it unbelievable. way too good! you are going to love it! have togo, i am at pea's and need to head home.

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