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Morning early risers! avie where are you? what are you listening to this morning....not limp biskit, I hope...I am listening to REM. So what did everybody do this weekend? Me...I went to my hometowns annual fall fair kicked my best friend since grade one, *** with my bumper car! Yes! I enjoyed that! went fishing, planted a tree...saw some very large vegetables...etc..ate lots of I gotta go to excerise class, rainy season is coming, gotta keep the kill bill moves fine tuned for next spring
hi people! back from my sojourn on salt spring. makes me shiver when i think of it. i have never seen so many 60-ish women with bobs - all from north/west van, calgary. need i say more. just like the sheep on the isle, they wear their track suits (tie dyed of course) and prance. yuk. they have totally made that island uninhabitable. couldn't wait to get off. needless to say, a ****ty time had by meself. husband had a great time taking a rammed earth course, should have signed up. oh well, such is life. i cried when i looked at what they have done to that wonderful isle of my youth. so sad. hopefully, it is not too late for some of the rest. pender is definetly gone, and mayne island is heading the same way. walking the tight rope i guess. i think i have the monday morning blues......
hey, i see the unshaven pea is back!!!! love that pic!
Uh....what the hell? galaniomama! you been smoking already this morning????? where were you!!!! not at excerise class this morning...heheeheheheh gonna rub it in now!!!!

Whata talking about....I slicked down my cowlick for ya.
Is this all you do all day.......stand around a water cooler and wait for inspiration? What's the water like?
HA! There you are! dart in and dart out...what are you running from Answer the question!!! where are you rowing...when you are rowing with your team....tap tap tap...thats me tapping my fingers waiting for an answer...I got something up my sleeve I can find out if I have to, so just make it easier and tell me...where was I....oh ya....can your husband now build one of these houses? I would really like a cobb house on the beach
#1 - i am not rowing, i am sculling. there is a profound difference. sniff.

#2 - the course my husband took was earth ramming, not cobbing. there is a profound difference. sniff.

#3 - i am 'sculling' with my team members at the gorge at 515 pm. it is brutal, you must join us pea, you will love it!!!
oh...your hubby was ramming not cobbing? I am still laughing........which do you prefer my little skullery friend...yes I am gonna go now....I might peddle my bike down the goose trail with my binocolurs....and watch you huff and puff...from rowing, I mean...not ramming and cobbing..
oooh, pea you are sooo badd!!!!

yeah, you can watch the full monty, it is a lot of fun!
by the way, you're not off the hook that fast buddy, you will be sculling with the best of us, i tell ya!
Well I gotta say people I was pretty impressed with galaniomama's rowing abilities...shocked would be more like it The women can actually row! There she was at the stern...I got a good view to because I had my a drop of sweat on face either...she looked like she was enjoying it!!! There you go...I figured she would be out there crying...and there she is acting like a viking
good morning peapod and the rest. I'm around but I also recently bought the Sim's Mega Deluxe Pack so I've been a little distracted

Had the day from hell at work god it was BUSY! I'm hoping things will be a little more relaxed today!
I have been wondering where you were? do you know stu on this board....I see he lives close by you! Is he your friend? Mondays and banks are always busy. So what else is new avie???
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

I have been wondering where you were? do you know stu on this board....I see he lives close by you! Is he your friend? Mondays and banks are always busy. So what else is new avie???

I do know Stu....he's Zoe's dad

Yeah Mondays and Fridays are usually killer. Worse right now since I'm still slogging through their archaic system of DOS and paperwork. I'm slowly getting there though. Not much else is new, just work and home life.
Zoe dad, well I guess we better careful what we say around here I like that name "Zoe" how did that come about...I mean her name...I already know how it came about
I'm here after my evening of sculling. i love it! four of us empowered women in a very light weight teenie tiny rowing scull. ouch. too much fun, and lots of exercise. i have now reached my eurika! i love it!!!!! could stay out on the water all day with no problemo.....

must do work today, so i will check in once in awhile.

hey pea, i signed you up for the men's eights, i didn't think you would mind, they needed one more for the scull. good luck! i know you will have a lot of fun with those boys!!!
We just wanted a really cool name for her. After many baby books we decided on Zoe. Her middle name is Alexis, we had a greek theme there It's a good strong name though. Zoe means "life" and Alexis means "defender of man"
See excerise makes us crazy than ever...I myself was doing my stuff my 6 to 7.. look how we are posting and creating dumb threads! we are buzzed on life here lotusland we the way galaniomama....I am not rowing any boat that already has shoes in it I have my own boots that I wear in a boat. And I am signed up for my own fishing...and I get a trip on the cowchian river out of it to!!! what do you get? just a bunch of skullery women getting drunk....
whoa, that was kinda harsh. what about the fact the flask you take when you go 'fishing' has something pretty strong in it. enough to make the fish wilt, that's for sure

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