Haggis McBagpipe
Do you have a pet or pets? Tell us about your furry friends!
I don't have any pets It's for the best, though. I'm a party animal and I just don't have the time to take care of a furry friend.

Although my mother has a siamese cat, who I love! What a character. Sometimes I just call him cat, but his name is Toby he is not!
i have a dog....its a pomeranian...her name is katie...
Well I Had 4 cats and 1 guinea pig.. The names of them were: Pimmie, Pino, Roetje, Kimpie and Lucia

Sadly all gone now.. I miss them..
We have two wonderful, very old dogs. Angie is a terrier cross, 14 and 'bionic' as her whole back end was re-built and wired back together when she was a pup. She loves to swim, but sinks badly while in the water. Now she tries to stay with four feet touching bottom, but still laps about.

Blue is 12 and a german shepherd, lab cross. White. We love him to bits, he is big and goofy. Talks a lot. A very vocal dog. Howls when the church bells are rung. Just sits there howling away. Hilarious.

Oh, and we have two cats. Billie and Joujie. Billie is a Maine Coone and a nasty prick. He gets shaved every summer and has a huge plume for a tail. Huge cat.

Joujie is my princess. She is a very small tabby. She is very sweet and affectionate. thank god for that.
I don't have a pet But I want a golden retriever again...one with the head of lion. I know galaniomama's pet though...her house is unreal....pets everywhere....20 something people around...they won't leave home!, oh ya through in Max..little teenage bugger (boy)....the kid actually argues with me! he really thinks that I am going to cave first with the yes, no. Stuff when we disagree I can hold out the longest Than her mom lives with her to! But is is a very lady. The place is like a zoo!!!! I love it

The place is like a zoo!!!! I love it

Ooohhh, I totally forgot about the 'pets' in the studio. We have two very, very ancient salamanders - they are over ten years old. and two beautiful goldfish, with the long angel like tails. They are a joy to watch. My husband keeps the aquarium absolutely spotless, and the salamanders will actually eat out of our hand. I think they also can talk, but their voices are so small, it is very dificult to hear them over the din in the yard.
I got a siamese cat and a himalayan cat.... They're my kids and get along very well, although they don't wrestle as much as they used to it provided atleast a good half hour of laughter.

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