Now that's a beautiful mug!

Haggis McBagpipe
Your favourite coffee cup, that is... describe it!

I have a CBC Daybreak mug, that's probably my favourite. A friend of mine appears regularly on the show and swiped it for me, which is even better than winning one.
Wow! friends in high places! I would like to have a CBC mug and a sad goat Tee shirt. My mug at work is the starbucks one. But at home I got one that has real character, like myself! instead of a bottom, it has legs and shoes on. It has a nice 3d face on the side of it to! Its very whimsy.
My mug is a big lilac-coloured one with (surprise surprise!) Tinkerbell on it. On one side is her face as she's squeezing through the lock in the drawer, and on the back is her legs. She doesn't look too happy!

I love Tinkerbell - that little pixie has attitude!
Well I like coffee .. ahem... really weird.. my favorite... mug.. hmm.. thats just one with all kinds of the colour blue on it
Diamond Sun
I don't have a favourite mug. At all. Maybe the one my brother got me for my 15th birthday, that changed colour when it was filled with hot liquid. Then my dad wrecked it by putting it in the dishwasher. I do miss that mug.
I have a Pooh mug which I love to pieces. My next favorite mug is one with no chips in it, a complete handle and of course filled with home brew.
Depends on the home brew, bev.
I bought some coffee beans at Costco yesterday, a brand I've never tried before. I just made myself a pot, and...

yuck. I think it'll take me a pot or 2 to get the proportions right. This one is pretty weak.

... I'll still drink it, though.
My coffee mug.. Well, I drink too much coffee to have just one normal mug, so I have several.

My favourite mug is probably a big Xmas mug since it holds so much more than a regular mug. I have it out all year long. My other fav is a travel mug made of thermus or something which has the Nortel Networks logo on it.. this thing keeps coffee hot forever!

I hate it when I brew a pot that is too weak or too strong. And trying new beans is expensive and scary sometimes. I much like it when they sample the coffees, but few of them do.

One nice thing about Starbucks is they will give you a freebee sample to try (it was great when I was giving out gift baskets teehee). Not sure about Second Cup or any of the other cupajoe houses.
I add milk and sugar to my coffee, so even if it's not good, I can make it drinkable. If it's truly horrible, a shot of Kahlua should do the trick!

I usually add a capful of vanilla extract to the pot before I brew the coffee - it adds a nice flavour without all the sweetness the syrups provide. I've also used almond extract, but half the quantity - it's more powerful.
Here, Here to Kahlua! The greatest coffee ever will contain something alcoholic! (Just kidding, I like going for the Rye and Ginger, Rum & Coke, Screwdrivers, Tequila shots, etc.. great times.)

But really, Royal Blend from Second Cup is excellent. If you want a list of good house blends available from that place, here they are, listed in order of my taste.

- Royal Blend
- La Mininta
- Paradiso Medium (or Paradiso Brun in Québec)

Royal Blend and La Mininta are tied for my fav, though.. Paradiso medium is just a regular house blend, but still good. I don't drink flavoured coffee, so nfi about that stuff.
I drink a lot of coffee, but I'm really not a big fan of the taste. I love the smell, though. My favourites are the Eastern Africans.

Better still is tea. The best "regular" tea is a brand called "dilmah". You keep the bags (or leaves) in the fridge to maintain freshness. It's not bitter, and is very tasty.

If it's anti-oxidants you're looking for, Rooibos tea from S. Africa has 10x as much as green tea. You drink it the same way you'd drink regular tea - black, or with milk, sugar, honey, lemon - whatever. It's naturally caffeine-free, and the leftovers go in the fridge for a delicious iced tea. No matter how long the leaves stay in the pot, it'll never get bitter, as there are no tannins.
Haggis McBagpipe
Rooibos tea, isn't that bush tea?

I love Ban Cha tea... wait, no, I love a whole whack of different teas, there are so many good ones. Mostly I like black teas, but there are two herbal teas that send me, lemon ginger is one and another is (can't think of the name, but there is a tiger on the package) is cinnamon flavoured and tastes exactly like Big Red gum. In fact, after I drink the tea I chew on the bag. Gross, eh? Don't care, it is that good.
Yes, rooibos tea is from the African red bush.

Because of your mention of White Spot, I'll assume you live in the Lower Mainland. If you're near Richmond (or not - it's worth the drive to check this place out!) pop in to Richmond Centre and look for "The Blue Teapot". As it happens, it's just down from White Spot. They have bin upon bin upon bin of every tea you can imagine. They have 2 rows of rooibos alone! You can look at and smell any tea you like, and then it's sold by weight. Truly a tea lovers paradise.
My favorite mug has images of a coffee shop on it, and it's large enough for my morning coffee

Now that is a beautiful mug:
Haggis, I'm very upset about the bad people who have turned Pooh to porn. Have they no shame? If just one of them would give me their barbie or ken doll I'd fix them good.

But on a lighter note here's a few coffee recipes for you'll enjoy.

Monte Cristo
- equal parts (1/2 & 1/2) grand marnier & kahlua
- coffee
- sugar rim if desired
- whipped cream on top (and some for later <wink>)
(or just add cream if you don't care for whipped cream)

Spanish Coffee
- equal parts (1/2, 1/2 & 1/2) grand marnier, kahlua and brandy
- coffee
- sugar rim
- whipped cream
(or just add cream if you don't care for whipped cream)

And as a former bartender let me give you all a small piece of advise, never use "orange liquer" in lieu of Triple Sec or grand marnier. It's very much like the diet cola vs real cola taste difference.

Oh and don't forget the Baileys or Caroline's with coffee.

Any of the above are guaranteed to make your coffee a little more spirited shall I say.

Drink responsibly and enjoy.
Bailey's and Kahlua in tea is delicious, too.
Diamond Sun
Grand Marnie and Amaretto in tea, with a cinnamon stick. Mmm. That'll warm ya up. (Those of you in Edmonton will need it with the snow you got yesterday!)
A good mix:

- Instant coffee, Nescafé Rich Blend
- Fill the mug 1/2 way,
- Fill the mug the rest of the way with "Dooleys" toffee liquer
- Add optional milk to taste

It turns into a very rich tasting alcoholic coffee

The Kahlua mix is also good, ofcourse
Kahlua in tea? Hmmm, OK, I'll give it a try. But is that just orange pekoe tea or some fancy tea?
Diamond Sun, that is called a blueberry tea.

Andem, that sounds almost as yummy as a Rolo.
Plain tea. It's called a Billy Miner Tea.

It sounds like a bizarre combo, I know, but it's actually really good.
not coffe but a drink made with coffee

Vanilla frozen yogurt

Put it all in the blender and you got a very nice smoothie!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

Haggis, I'm very upset about the bad people who have turned Pooh to porn. Have they no shame? If just one of them would give me their barbie or ken doll I'd fix them good.

But on a lighter note here's a few coffee recipes for you'll enjoy..

Bev, thank you for the recipes... and thanks to everybody else as well for theirs. I am now laden with some terrific new recipes. 8-) Why, I may never drink my coffee 'straight' again!

Sad about Pooh, I know. I am not even going to tell you what Barbie and Ken were doing to that poor old Pooh bear. And you should ask Andem about his Sandmanchen and what he gets up to with Pooh. The words 'no good' immediately come to mind. Lots of strangeness behind innocent faces, I tell you. Lots of strangeness. 8-)
Haggis, everybody rags on poor Sandmännchen!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

Haggis, everybody rags on poor Sandmännchen!

It's that mob mentality... you need to keep him protected, things could get out of hand, we might end up with a Sandlynchin! 8-)
Andem? I might not like the answer your about to give, but what about poor Sandmannchen?
Bevvy! How are you! speaking of coffee......when you come over here at the end of the month to meet me and that galaniomama, it will be at my starbucks! oh ya I told them all about how you feel about starbucks!!! they have things planned for your little visit...when they get finished with you your mantra will be..."up with starbucks" " starbucks is the best" they might even give you a new coffee mug with a starbucks logo of course....Oh I can hardly wait to see what they got planned for you
There might be a slight change in dates. My house was sold and they moved up the possession date to Oct. 30th. I've got to take time off to go find some place to live. And to boot, hubby will be out of town when the move takes place, so he's off talking to the boss about a few options. The one I like best is them hiring a moving company and then hubby can just drive up to his new home. Or they can rreally upset the hotel mgmnt and shut down the job for a week or so. Or they can have someone else do the job (oh, forget that one they already said they don't have anybody else they can send). So I'm chomping at the bit here, searching all the MLS listings. There is one little house but holy moly after 11 years ALL the flooring needs, nope has to be replaced, plus painting and that brick work in the livingroom has got to go. I'm so scared right now that I'm not gonna find anything or I'll have to lower my standards or up my purchase price.

Wish me luck all, I'm gonna need it.
You could always move back to where you belong girl!!!!! the island. Hey no matter when you come over stan, starbucks and I have have the plans hehehehehehehe somebody mentioned that a roll of red carpet, as befitting a diamond wearing blue jeaned island girl

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