Diamond Sun!!!!!

Hey diamond sun where you been? what adventures have you had? tell us all
WHERE WHERE?! *looks around* .. hmm...
We are waiting here diamond sun! *looks around with DJ dream*
*cries* I'll wait ;( DIAMOND SUN COME BACK!!!
Diamond Sun
Amazing what a little whining will get you...a whole thread all about me! (By the way, I was kidding about being upset that I wasn't welcomed back in the same way as Haggis...)

I just had a busy summer. Helped plan and carry out a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom, went to two weddings, had visitors for all but 3 days in the month of August, had a 4th wedding anniversary for myself, managed 4 projects worth about $1,000,000 at work, and still managed to find time to read half a dozen books. But fall is here, exercise classes are back in full swing, work has cooled off, and I have time to post again. yay!!

I also would like to raise the question...Where is American Voice?
diamond sun, you deserve your own thread, after the summer you put in...you are a busy lady!
American voice, maybe he h Laryngitis, oh yes I know that was bad, I could not help myself
Diamond Sun
It was a crazy summer, but it always seems that my summers are like that. Every spring we talk about all the camping we are going to do in the coming summer, and then all of a sudden it's September and we didn't go camping once. Blah. Stupid living in a beautiful place so everyone wants to visit. I'm moving back to Edmonton.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Diamond Sun

I'm moving back to Edmonton.

Well you'll sure cure the problem of too many visitors, at least in the winter! 8-)

Your summer sounds like the kind I will do anything to avoid, although I sure admire you for getting through it. Man, I like the easy summers, the ones where the most effort exerted is picking up the phone to order in pizza. Then again, I am a slug. No, wait, I am a toaster, not a slug (toasters are lazy, too, or at least mine is, it makes crappy toast, gets tired halfway through and pops up untoasted bread hoping that I won't notice).
Diamond Sun!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! Hi! ehm hahaha

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