message for bevvy

Bevvy I have a message for you at the photo place. I told ditto about your diamonds. He was upset, ditto is getting himself an education and is very political at university. He was distrubed by apathy regarding diamonds! He wanted to give you a message When you go there you will see a message for bevvy. Read it girl, I did stop by to say hi and bye to the church lady...she gives money for kid over there so they can get themselves some limbs!!!!! she was hopping mad when I told her...she had some messages for you to...but I could never post she is suppose to be a church is the address where you can get your message. (external - login to view)
Pea that hilarious. But sorry my friend I could never give up diamonds. One never has enough, there isn't one that is ever big enough, more is always better, and they just go good with jeans, negligees, nothing, cords, skirts, shorts, bathsuit, what have ya. They are just a general staple that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

Now I have given up cigarettes, sunflower seeds, most track and field sports, but never diamonds.

Think of it another way, you will always know what to buy me.
Whats wrong with sunflower seeds? have you had sunflower sprouts on a sandwich...they are really good....kind of a pepper taste. Ah...keep your diamonds bevvy its your trademark! I will know how to find you! your glitter being your beacon :P

Ya, it hard to give up everything...just gotta pick and choose your boycott...but leave starbucks out of it

ahemm j/k, well kinda....
DOWN WITH SCUBA DIVERS!!!!!!! distrubing the ebb and flow of corral reef....bite his *** a good one...little great white

I agree with you on that, I can only wish to those disturbing scuba divers that the next time they lay their hands on something, it's fire corals!!
now you are talking yoda are getting wise....although notice I am a umbergod! I will catch you in the morning around the water cooler I actually have one of those drone feelings now "guilt" I really hate that one!!! I have to get down to work now...I don't want to but without the greenbacks all this would not be possible
One of the guys in the office has a reef aquarium. Talk about beautiful.

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