peapods adventure

Ya I had one alright, my head is paying for it to! right now it is full of wool socks. I am not leaving home again! I am to old to party day and night for two days one and half days, maybe, oh it was bad...very bad...I will never be able to listen to creedence clearwater again! Ya I got pictures, but head cannot wrap around scanning and posting them until tomarrow. I thnk I smoked an entire plantation

I'm happy you had a good time, peapod... I know you did! You might not even admit it, but there's nothing wrong with drunkenness for 2 days going through 5 packs of cigarettes

Welcome back, be sure to check out the new look!
Well, actually I don't drink.....I only hoot! which is more than my grey cells can handle...this is BC and the bud is wheelchair pot! Why won't my pictures upload to this website...I just went to starbucks and one of girls there has a birthday message for undergrandnitz. So will somebody explain this to me like I have the IQ of a nat!! I got the picture at photo site but its not working to get it here...Help.
I cannot deal with trying to figure this out...its to much for my head, undergrandnitz go to the address below to see your birthday card. Charlie did not go fishing, he had other plans as you can see in his pictures (external - login to view)

Now I gotto go to starbucks and get a grande laitte again to try and get my brain into first gear again..
um if you double click the picture, it will get bigger...did I really type that...I need lattie....
thanks!...i will keep it for my "real!" 9 months.... April 6th by the way(gona turn 16)...if u really thought that it was...its because...from another topic where another guy was like yes its april 4th 2034 or something and i went "YAY its my birthday in 2 days..i will be like 45 or something..." was the day where u had the bad headache or something....BUT THANKS ANYWAY! i will always treasure will always be happy..knowing theres someone out there....who cares about me...*wipes tear from eye*

little rugrat you said it was your birthday in two day!!!! you are starting to piss me made me waste my time....I will plan revenge....I got to post a couple of pictures for bevvy, messages to her
im sorry...
Forget it little rugrat! I am on to ways of little long as you are having fun...what the hell..right....soon enough someone will come along and try to spoil you fun....and yes little rugrat.. there is someone out there who loves you maybe? I think! sure there is..
im so cute and can resist my smile...and puppy dog eyes...
thats a good pickup line, keep using it, you won't have to worry about getting a girlfriend. Make sure you say babe first tho...undergradnitz how the heck did you get that picture over here. Tell me...
for this was the [IMG] link...for most others and questbooks from like freewebs or something...its the <img src= one...but u prob wont have to worry about that...

well its 11:31pm...time to play some football out in the street...i will be back soon...
Don't you have parents? listen rugrat go pickup those two picture message for bevvy and post them here would ya...
I had enough, my brain is not working, I am going to bed now..I will get to charlies party pictures and others later. undergrandnitz I made those little rugrats hold that picture up cause I thought it was your birthday, I had to take those little rugrats out fishing this morning to get them to do that...I knew you would want a greeting from your peers The little dude is very cool, he gave you the thumbs up, and the little rugrat knows how to I always tell are the man gabe you are the man
yes sir! it would be a pleasure to sir!

Whats with the weird silo behind the picture? My brain is to wired from starbucks now..I will scan more pictures and you bring them over rugrat...I will start with charlies adventure at the bar, peapod friends runs the joint so charlie gets around the place...was not possible to take pictures when the joint filled up, charlie was off with women, and peapod was in a wheel chair...
on second thought I am going to figure out how to get the dam pictures here myself. It seems like quantum mechanics to me.
Don't you have school to get ready for?
no...tomarrow i will have to get ready...and i only have to go get my timetable and go to my homeroom and stuff..i get out at 10:30am...
peapod.. try going to "Full Reply Mode" then surrounding the image address (IE: with IMG tags. The first one IMG is surrounded by [ ] and the second one is surrounded by [/ ]..

Example: {IMG}{/IMG} except you use [ and ] instead of { and }
im good with html codes....i know how to get music on sites...hehe
ya undergrandnitz, what ever that means, you genetic code is interesting tho by the way I asked that little dude gabe about undergrandnitz cartoon, he said it sucked! Man that little dude is bright!!!!!! I told him I kinda knew someone with that name he said "uh" and he actually made one of these no way! thats dumb! well little dude, he is from back east....they do weird things there
Oh, stop picking on undergradNITZ, peapod! You two are just like my siblings.
I am just going to post charlies pictures at the wesite I posted in the begining, go back up there, morning coffee gang. I will put the fishing ones and green matters later. Why am I typing this? who cares? what the hell, I just dump my brain out here, than I can go back out and refill.
Well the charlie party picutures are friday night, it got bad, real bad we are talking Port Alberni here, its in a deep valley, cut off from the rest of civilazation. Charlie made his rounds, some not so nice things were done to him, duffus stuff, port alberni stuff, moron stuff, dumb *** stuff, like I said port alberni stuff. He got around, I found him the kitchen with the cooks at one time, those cooks were alright, they made me something to eat...I returned the favor....step on back, have a hoot! you can see by the picture when I was leaving they were awful happy! The drunker the women got, the more they wanted charlie, I finally had to toss him in sea of women saying "where charlie" Somebody went looking for charlie and found him in the beer cooler...I knew he would be no good in the morning for fishing...nothing can ruin a nice fishing experience faster than having to fish with someone has a hangover. The sun has just come up, the sky is still orange and pink, its quiet except for the fishing people, the putt putt of everyone heading out to open water, the fish are actually jumping, in the somass river if you launch from there, salmon actually can whiz on the water, what a sight that is to see. Everybody has a nod and chat about where to go and whats up with we putt putt by each other....the day is nice, no even a breeze, the canal is like glass, there are some very nice boats......lucky dogs!! and I am not talking yatchs either, I am talking about a good fishing boat. Anyway, if you go out fishing with someone who has a hangover, you miss all that, because they are heaving over the side, and whinning and complaining and ruining the fishing. Now a toker is not like that...they can still get up in the morning and have the experience. There is a message in there somewhere.
You are TOO much!!! I love it!
I heard that one before

I am not kidding about the back east thing. My brother was in the derby I went to have a chat with him, he was cleaning his fish and there were two guys talking to him. They were asking him if he knew where that could get a wax job. At first my brother thought they were talking about their trucks. It took awhile for him to figure out they were talking about themselves. "where you from boy"! my brother has stopped cleaning fish. "Toronto" they say. Well he says "we don't wax ourselves here....Later I could see my brother was upset, I had never seen him in deep was unerving! He says peapod do you think that men really waxes themselves....just back east stringbean....good thing about them mountains he says...than he says "real men don't eat quiche, or wax themselves peapod...
I am not picking on undergrandnitz Have you not noticed that since he we starting typing out together, He can almost type a couple of sentences!!! Before me, he was only using one or two words. Now look at him! He is even posting in the lofty stuff. Before you know it he will have your job I wanna know why a 15 year old would want to hang around here. There is a story there....I know what it is....

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