My head is going to blow up. any suggestions on what I can do? I am not quite sure where I am or what day it is!
eather take some advil or just run head first into a wall and see if it will knock u out...when u awake the preasure might be gone and you prob wont remember anything...

oh and its the year 2023....what day u ask...its tuesday...
April 4th 2023
yay 2 more days till my b-day! lol im gona turn 34!
HeHeHe..thanks for all the advise I feel better now, I had a shower, chez louise I slept in my cloths still had my boots on!!!!!
Some dumb *** set charlie up so the first thing I would see in the morning was charlie with two mini rifles in his little paws! that was not funny at all. I think it might have been sparky

Here is the scary part, I was not even drinking just a little happy herbs, well not a little alot! I think I recall I was in a wheel chair for awhile...ah whatever! Now I gotta go fishing!! derby day! big bucks for big fish. Last year the winner got so drunk afterward he drove his truck right off the bridge by the beer gardens and into the ocean.

Ok now I gotta go eat those steak and eggs, I demanded breakfast or I would sing! lots of vounteers to make me something
Gotta go fish now, will bring you some pics when I return from the valley, which is Port Alberni, but they call it the valley because it is in a valley between two mountain ranges. When you leave Port Alberni, you have to drive up a big mountain, we call it the "hump" than you go down the mountain, we call that leaving the valley....this kind of logic requires a few hoots.
i eat chicken wings...............

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