We need a place to say good morning around here to the early risers! Some place to say hey! how you doing this morning, any new happening with you? I will have a grande extra extra foamy lattie please, make a 3 shot of expresso....come on there is no such thing as a low fat brownie?

So Aviallani you are up early! getting ready for work? Do you eat at work or dine out?
Guess I will just type to myself till bevvy gets here Uh..tomcat are you just getting home? I am just going by the name of course when I ask that question.
Hey Peapod! I kind of pop in and out here while getting ready. I have alot of hair and makeup to organize, it's an art form! Anything that's loaded with caffeine for me! Usually I have diet pepsi though.

Depends on my financial situation on whether or not I eat lunch at work. If I can afford it, I prefer to just grab something at the local deli
This is weird a thread where I ask and answer my own questions. I better have a hoot to keep this up. Soda! I see you have arrived, good morning to you. Did you dream of Parksville all night? if so it would have been a good dream.

When I picked up my grande this morning, I went through playfair park, There is a tree there that has a boo bradley hole in its truck. I been thinking I would leave some stuff in there for undergrandnitz. Anyway Homeless peter was there, doing his morning coffee, you know the guy use to be a professor at UVIC, now he is a bum, I would like to ask him how that happened, but I keep waiting for him to tell me himself. He is not your usual bum either, he refuses any handouts, a proud bum he is! Lots of people in the neighbourhood try and give him yummies for his tummy, but he only accepts bottles and recycleables. He like to earn his own way. You gotta watch what you say around peter the bum, he is very smart even tho he has no home, if you say something stupid than he will straighten you out, and he is very good at it...I once saw him get the best of johnny law, peter the bum knew all about the law, I think he knew the law better than this johnny law, which johnny law did not like, being showed up by a bum I mean. Not much he could do about it tho, all the starbuck jesters were quiet we could be witnesses, he had to play fair, so he left...we tried to buy peter the bum a coffee, we were in awe, but he does not like starbucks..or any other corporation for that matter. He assured me that if I did put something in that boo bradley hole for undergrandnitz he would not take it....I know that Peter the bum! you are kinda like boo bradley yourself Bevvy where are you? I am tripping off soon and want to say hey and later to ya.

Ya, the makeup can take up alot of time. I only apply when I have to. If they want me to get all dressed up at work, than I would have to ask for a raise! a revlon contract maybe? I can wear jeans 5 days a week if I want to...and I want to I got a real nice celtic belt buckle, its like a piece of armor! real nice knott work on it...

But I admit that when I need to go fishing for other kind of fish I gotta use different ya once and awhile I paint oh I mean bait my face...the catches are usually small I gotta throw them back
Good Morning. Little frazzled today.... working as well as first day of school for the kids....soooooo.... a bit slow to respond today unfortunately. Besides, i like to jump in, take a quick look, jump back out... you get the picture....
Ya I get the picture you are a slider. I wish my mother was a slider. She could just call me once and awhile, but on oh no! she has to call every morning. At least I got to have a starbucks before I got a lecture. I think I am bit old for it, I don't think she realizes I have not lived at her home for a very long time. Most of all I hate her bragging. She says dumb *** things like oh I am getting fat. Ok I will bite...its always the same, she is just fishing for compliments. The old bag runs 5 miles each day. Now how could she be fat. Its very distrubing when your mother is fitter than yourself..sure she can out run me...on flat ground...but I think I could out wit her if need be. She sometimes flexes her leg at me, its the most disquisting thing one could see on their mother! I think I would rather see my own birth! she has bulging leg muscles like a bodybuilder..she causes quite a little firestorm if she is out in public and flex's those leg muscles...She usually has kind of a strut in her grin when she flex's I just grin...but what I am really thinking is man is that gross!
Bevvy I see you are around here, get over here and yak at me! I am waiting for my clothes to dry so I can blow this popcicle stand for a week. Got your diamond on this morning lucy?
Good morning,

I'll just take a regular cup of Joe black with sugar please. Oh sure you can make that a tall boy,with a sleeve please.

Peapod, you wear war paint! Not me, I'm an o-natural kinda girl. Not even mascara. And due to health issues my hair is long and straight so no messing around there either. Wash and wear is truly the way to go. No worrying about rain, humidity or wind. Those days are long over and I don't miss them one itty bitty bit.

I get to wear jeans too, after years of ruining my good clothes to go work to handle rusty scaley steel, tooling covered in coolant and grease and lords only knows what else is all behind me now. My mother is still trying to figure out how in heck the calculator works without me being in a skirt. She's very old school and thinks its blastphemy (sp?) to wear anything less than a 2 piece skirt suit to work. Heck the other year I was over for a visit and my daughter and her best freind wore what was in fashion, flannel Pooh pyjamas, I thought my mother was doing to die right in front of me. She's probably still shaking her head in disbelief. But she will be glad to know that fashion trend is over and I'm not totally sure what is in right now as school hasn't started yet. My daughter was always so afraid of not buying the 'right' clothes for school she would never go back to school shopping until after the first day of school, so she could see what everone else was wearing.
I said I wear war paint sometimes! if and only it is necessary, not funerals, but drone outings...and like I said it depends sometimes when you are fishing for things other than gotta use the proper bait....its not like I put the stuff on like I am going to the circus or something...the bait must be interesting, natural, discreet or so the fish thinks...but its just a este lauder trick...especially if you are going up against fish that wear gold chains, and unbutton their shirts to their navel to show off their hairy it off with real nasty shoes...and you realize the fishing really has gone to hell.
My cloths are dry..I am heading out business for the next few days clock and dagger I love making fish farmers mad than I am going to a three day party in Port Alberni...salmon festival gardens, pot gardens..that type of thing...and of course the annual fishing derby...I will catch you next the way when are coming this way? Galaniomama and myself have big plans for you...a true test to see if you have lost your island ways
You know why I don't go to starbuck$? Because it is another parasites type company. Usually when starbuck$ wants to infiltrate a new market they will do it by opening a store on practically every corner or so until the market is completely saturated and all the other coffee shop are suffocating to their death. When all the competition is gone, they will close one after the other the branches that are not profitable. They'll keep only the ones that can make really good money. And since all the other ones are gone, they do make a lot of money. In Manhattan NY, you can see a really good example of that, you have 2 starbuck$ facing each other on the same street.

Just another example of a united states company taking over our market by closing canadian companies, la Wal-Mart....

Well, I just had to let it out and now it's done, so enjoy your latte grande
this might come as a shock to some of you but...i dont drink any of those grande moka lappa frappa cheanos...i drink very little caffene...i dont know why...well i teeth are sencetive to i just dont drink it alot...

so my hypper activeness is prob. due to me having A.D.D. or something...
personally, i prefer a home made cuppa and quite enjoy watching the world go by as i sip and sit on the front porch.... better than any store bought....
Soda, I'm with ya on the home brew. Although I have been known to buy a tin of Timmy's coffee on occasion. But at $5 a lb. I can't be serving it every day. That being said I am not a Tim Horton's coffee guzzler nor a donut eater. Just someone in need of a cup of coffee. It's just too darned expensive to frequent these places. And besides I offer up free refills.
Exactly. My wife has a Starbucks at her office (in the caf) and she figures just one of her co-workers will spend upwards of $15 a day just on coffee, 5 days a week. Do the math.... at least $3k a year just on work coffees.... that's a nice vacation......
Is she smoking on top of that?? Damn, 3k a year on coffee, send me a check, I'll find better use for it!!
Holy smoley man, thats $3750 per year, providing she is working 50 weeks per year. And Isengard that is one hell of a vacation she could be taking even if she just went for a cup of Columbian joe at half the price.

I just love it when some sales slug is trying to get you to buy their product and uses the "Well, you know, if you just cut out your morning latte or only went 3 times a week..." They get so upset when they find out I don't drink coffee or coffee drinks like that. Heck I take my lunch every day, well maybe once every couple of months I head out somewhere, so no money being spent except gas money, and that bill is big enough.
Son of a #%%@ i am still waiting for my new tires to be put on!!! how long does it take anyway, always a dumb *** excuse why they are behind their time....I told the guy you got a computer..well ya he says, Well I want to use it while I am waiting, he says ok...

What do I find...knife in the back!!! bevvy you traitor!!! you wear diamonds lattie did not cost anybody a limb I have to boycott enough stuff in my life...I am not giving up my grande lattie...besides I like the people that work at my starbucks! they let me make my own lattie sometimes. I deserve a treat! and if its a lattie I am gonna get it at starbucks Besides I bet if I went through everybody here who is knocking starbucks I could find stuff that not only comes from nasty places, but has nasty stuff in it, made by a nasty company....oh yes I know I could...

Long live starbucks!!!!!!!! I want my tires put on NOW!
Perfect example the newbie soda he has the top of can representing himself. Well pop is bad stuff, real bad stuff, its nothing but sugar and water and some put other nasties in it. Soda is much worse than any grande lattie. just ask a dentist or a doctor
by the way, my wife does not participate in the "support your local starbucks" campaign... it's her coworkers... she prefers the home brew too....
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

And Isengard that is one hell of a vacation she could be taking even if she just went for a cup of Columbian joe at half the price.

That could buy me a trip to Australia!! Peapod, for every latte you buy you have to send me a check for half the price of it! I'll send you pics of me scuba diving on the great barrier next winter!!!

Well that could be a deal, but only if your picture is one of you and a great white biting you ***

Can you put on tires?
Yes I can put on tires!

Could it be a toothless great white? If so, you have a deal!
No we gotta have some teeth in the picture Actually I could go round the world with the moola I spend at starbucks, at least 15 dollars a day. How many beer could I get for that? where would 15 bucks get me some entertainment and jesting...

Secret Its not the place its the people and the jest I bet you all have a nice snack every now and than at that evil clowns place to. Now there is something real bad

To late they are putting my tires on now, I think he wants his computer back...not till the job is done make peapod wait after she made an appointment than you have to give her something for the inconvience...unfortuneately I don't see a bong around here. Lots of tool noises tho bevvy, you would appreciate it. Lots of whizzing and stuff...I hate those red one piece coveralls on men, you can't really see a darn thing!
He is putting my last two tires on. Now he will want money! starbucks money! Now I gotta get outa here!!! I figure I can stop in duncan at starbucks there, I know a couple of jesters there, than in Nanaimo, than in courtenay, and finally campbell that will make 5 latties today...grande to...oh what the hell I am on a little adventure so I live dangerously and expensively.

So long my fellow borg! and I mean it this time...I got to get a grip on myself and withdraw from this place, a little bit anyway...I mean it! I will not return until Monday... I am going into a treatment centre as I write this...borg withdrawal. Hey have a great weekend everybody...but is only tuesday...oh well have a good one anyway

Bevvy.....get rid of the diamonds...I can make you feel real guilty about wearing them..I can provide pictures, and details...put a nice socket or screw in its place..
NEVER! will I give up wearing diamonds. They are a second skin.

And Pea, I know what you mean about the people and the jesters. I frequent certain establishments for the same reason.

Hey Peapod, you gotta try out Lougheed Tire for new tires. Not only are they cheaper than Crappy Tire but they offer Sudden Service. I stumbled across them a few years back. Called in, got a quote, said I would be there in about 5 minutes. Drove there, went inside and waited about 1 - 1 1/2 minutes and someone comes out and says "Hi, that'll be $xxx" I said "OK, great, How long will it take?" and I'm informed "It's already done, look". Yup low and behold whenever someone comes in and they know what you are looking for it's like an F1 pit stop. I love it.

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