Describe your personal cyberspace

I used to find all the squirrels just waiting for my fries at my local McDonalds. I had one sitting on my shoe eating a fry completely obliviousy to where he was. I have one that lives beside us in the trees. He gets really chirpy when the cats are out and if you throw a rock at him to scare him away he will chirp at you every time he sees you. So far I have a roommate and 3 cats that cannot be outside when squirrelly is around. I just can't listen to it.
AH! no wonder it does not work! when i deleted all charles pictures, I also deleted my others will have to rescan, stay tuned.


Thanks for the great pictures, its nice to see the country back east, my uncle goes to cuba every month from toronto. He takes lots of school supplies, he loves it there and the people.

I think you live near my uncle I have probally seen your place! he lives in a high rise by the st. lawerence market. Auditor for the city of toronto...have you been paying your bills

I did not care that much for the nigrara falls, more like an amusement park, but the niagrara escarpment I found very interesting. The great lakes I prefer to the ocean, they are so beautiful, oceans themselves. Superior being my favorite.

Hey its time for starbucks and a jest, I should have stock in that company, sometimes they let me make my own coffee when the place is dead hope everybody is happy today and not talking politics. Its raining cats and dogs here.....nice
Let's ressurect this discussion now that everyone is finished with summer holidays and the kiddies are back in school.

So tell us about your personal cyber space. Is it piled high with print outs? Do you have a coffee cup collection happening? If your monitor decorated up with computer bugs and things?
Mine has not changed since last week! sorry
Haggis McBagpipe
I used to have my desk situated so that I could look out the window, but found that it detracted me too much from my work. So I moved the desk and now look at David Muench's 'Autumn Reflection'... and am detracted from work by this forum, amongst other things.

Outside one window I have a sweeping view of the city, outside the other window, a view of birds fighting over their bird food.

On the wall beside me I have one of those cute KitKat clocks which, in this case, consistently gives the incorrect time and has a tail which no longer sways back and forth as it ought to.

On the same wall, I have a 'Certificate of Insanity' given to me by my boss of long ago. It dubs me 'St. Insane'. My 'mission statement' is hanging on the same wall: 'Defy the Rules'... the picture is of a very old lady doing wheelies on a bicycle on the uppermost top of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The other wall is taken up entirely by books, for I like the feel of a room full of books. Beside that wall, there is another computer and desk which is used by my husband.

The wall behind me has a picture of my dad and fellow crew members standing aside a downed airplane during WW II.

Also, there is a picture of my dad in a group shot taken during Vancouver's centennial celebration when City Hall chose one person born in Vancouver for each year of Vancouver's existence, and my dad was chosen for 1917. The picture is of the whole group of them, and it hung in City Hall for a very long time. There weren't many people born in Vancouver in those early days, most came to the city.

There is also a picture of Sir Sulkalot, my current nickname for our sulky Border Collie. The picture shows him at the very height of sulkiness. There is also an antique writing table which gets used mainly for storing stuff.

The room is very small, it is just a nice little nook precisely the right size for its purpose.
Hey I am tracking you haggis...your hiding your online status...okay...I am trained in lumberjack stealth...come on you been away for awhile...get some good topics happening...its raining here how about over there.
Haggis McBagpipe
You want topics? Hmm... zee mind, eet ees tinking ver' hart on theese ver' sobject....

I too love what books can do to a room. So I started working on a library for myself. Only have 3 shelves filled at the moment, however I can say I have read them all. I keep my eyes peeled for hardcover leather books but other than a few sets I haven't had much luck. I still keep checking around the garage sales and used book stores, but they know they have something of value.
Books Books Books...can you ever have enough. In fact forget the furniture, just have books....well maybe a few essentials..hey this place is rocking now.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd


I too love what books can do to a room. So I started working on a library for myself. Only have 3 shelves filled at the moment, however I can say I have read them all. I keep my eyes peeled for hardcover leather books but other than a few sets I haven't had much luck. I still keep checking around the garage sales and used book stores, but they know they have something of value.

I agree with you about the books being read, that's all I keep on my shelves as well, and by god you can always tell when I have read a book, for it is a ratty, earmarked, dirty, beaten-up shadow of its former self. 8-) I am brutal with books, I read 'em everywhere and anywhere, falling asleep on top of them, reading in the tub, on outdoor excursions, you name it. People really hate lending me their books, in fact my daughter point blank refuses to. 8-)
Oooohhhh noooo your one of those types.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by bevvyd

Oooohhhh noooo your one of those types.

8-) Yes, but by god when I'm finished with it, a book truly knows it has been read.
Diamond Sun
My own personal you want my work one (where I procrastinate from working by coming here) or my home one that I don't use often anymore...

We'll do work. Messy messy messy. Papers everywhere. On top of my monitor is a cute little elephant lying down, his trunk and front paws hook over the edge of the computer so he can stare at me all day, wondering why I'm not working. Next to him is a little aroma pot, that I picked up in Athens for 1 Euro. My office mate stuck his finger in it, so now it's all gooey. On the top of the monitor, I also have a photo of my good friends on the night of my wedding rehearsal dinner. We're all crowded around my first car...a 1979 silver Camaro Berlinetta. I loved that car.

On the bottom right corner is stuck a butterfly from a Kindersurprise, plus a business card for a "handyman" in peterborough. Actually,I can probably throw that away.

The tackboards on the walls are a multitude of stagnant information that really can be changed out. Also a small photo of the great pyramids with the phrase "You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determinations, and an endless supply of expendable labour". I also have a picture of my two dogs and my brother.

A mickey mouse coffee mug, neon post-its, and a year old candy cane round out my office space.

Really, how do I get anything done around here?
Haggis McBagpipe
... a Mickey Mouse coffee mug??? You need a new mug. No wonder you can't get any work done around there. The candy cane you can eat, the post-its you can scribble on, but man, the Mickey Mouse mug will make you think of Disney which will make you think of Bambi which can only make you sad which will make you feel like not working which will make you eat even more stale candy cane which will make you feel guilty which will make you reach for that Mickey Mouse mug again which will remind you of Disney again which... well, you can see what it is doing to you. Kill the mug, I say. Kill it and get a Doonesbury mug.
I have a Pooh mug. I have to keep it cause it's got a picture of Pooh on it. Everyone needs one, really. I mean who doesn't like Pooh?
pooh is wise little bear ever read the tao of pooh? yes he is wise and cute! My coffee cup goes...a big fat starbucks mug! holds lots of wise cracks please
Haggis McBagpipe
I like Pooh, but not the Disnitized version... I like the original Pooh.
Written by a canadian to!
Haggis McBagpipe
Say, I didn't know that! Though Milne was a Brit!
maybe you are right, lets check...canada is their for something...the bear maybe? thanks you gave me something to do.
Haggis McBagpipe
Hey, well, what can I say, I consider it my duty to keep you from your actual job duties.
Your are correct haggis, of course! but eh? there is some canadian in the mix....

Winnie the Pooh, Eh?

Winnie the Pooh was Canadian!

The character was based on a real bear. A.A. Milne, the man who wrote the Winnie the Pooh books, based his famous character on a black bear in the London Zoo.

The bear, called Winnie, had belonged to a Canadian soldier named Lieutenant Harry Colebourn. Back then, nobody saw anything wrong with taking an orphan bear cub as a pet. Now we know better, and itís illegal in most provinces to keep wild animals without a permit.

It was 1914 at the beginning of World War I. Lieutenant Colebourn was travelling to Quebec from his home in Manitoba to join the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps.

Back then, horses were used in war to pull big guns and other equipment. Today armies have mechanics to repair the vehicles. Then they had veterinarians to look after the horses that got injured and sick. War was awful for animals as well as people.

Lieutenant Colebourn had to change trains in White River, Ontario. He saw a man on the station platform with a bear cub. He learned that the man was a trapper who had killed the cubís mother. Feeling sorry for the cub, he bought her for $20.

He named her Winnie after his home town of Winnipeg. Winnie became the mascot of Lieutenant Colebournís Infantry Brigade.

Soon the troops were sent to France to fight in the war. On the way through London, England, Lieutenant Colebourn left Winnie at the London Zoo. He didnít think it would be fair to take her into the battlefields of France.

Winnie lived at the London Zoo until she died in 1934. Thatís where A.A. Milne and his son Christopher Robin met her.

Everyone knows Winnie the Pooh from A.A. MilneĎs stories. But not many people know what you do Ė that Winnie was a real Canadian bear who wasnít at all like the story-book Winnie the Pooh.
Haggis McBagpipe
Well whaddaya know? This is interesting stuff, thanks Pea.
He was so like the story books. And nothing you can say will change my mind. He's cute, polite, caring, loving just like the real Winnie.
Haggis McBagpipe
Bev, I don't want to be the one to break the news to you, but I have heard that Pooh had certain interests outside of honey... I think he was known as Mr. Studly Bear-Man in certain circles. Winner the Sinner, Sado-Pooh, you name it, he's been it.... 8-)
Well my duties as you put it...I prefer to call it a day at the not start until 9....and then nothing much actually changes from the way it is right now....I stay caught up so I can endulge in sort of deep thinking. I wanna sad goat tee-shirt...Hey haggis have you read the canada must read pick....Guy Vanderhaeghe the last crossing...
Hey bevvy don't worry about keep your dream about pooh...I have a few myself! Like I know there is not santa claus!!!

But when after a big rainstorm you were to go out in the forest and check under big mushrooms for fairys that are trying to stay dry...I would understand...I still think there is something to that...I still have a peek...especially after a down pour...worst of all friend....I really do!
Haggis McBagpipe
Which must-read pick list, Pea? CBC or Globe and Mail or... The Pea List of Mighty Fine Books? The Canadian Content Kick-*** List O' Books? Friendly Billy-Bob's Book-O-Rama?
The CBC... they had quite a few books choosen..a panel that would talk about each book...the last crossing won out...Looks like I will actually have some things to do this of my favorite things is when a residents family member comes this one coming this morning...yes she is a piece of work...I should be heavily medicated to have to even speak to the cow...I have such contempt for her....ok ok be nice....put on the mask!!!! She is a only child....spoiled rotten I would say...her mother is the sweetest, kindest little old lady you could ever meet. She is in her 90's now...need extra maybe have somebody do her laundry...tidy up for her......she wants her daughter...she is a private women...and worships her only daughter...who I might add is retired! and lives 6 blocks from here, sitting on her *** all day. She wants her daughter to do these little chores for her....but oh no! she is to busy watching her *** get bigger! She will not do it! and it time mama went to a care faculity, even if she does not need it! AH! get on the list will be waiting get in there and help your mother.....ya I wish I could say that..
Haggis McBagpipe
Hey, that sounds like a sad situation, Pea. I wish the same thing, by the way. Oh, do I ever. Can this woman just get a home care person to come in and do these things?

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