Bevvy, I see you lurking around Here is a funny quizz, I think? look what happened last time I put one up This one comes from the redneck forum. Port Alberni forum. I was there last night until 3. Things were a rocking over there. Lots of laughs when you get more 10 rednecks in one place. I gotta send you over there. There is no way dave haggard still lives in Port Alberni, he would be lynched by now. My favorite, everyone putting out the word about the weird guy selling pots and pans door to door, stolen no doubt. they are tracking him via the board Rednecks, Port Alberni one in the same Here is the quizz (external - login to view)
lol thats cool and soooo true!
Diamond Sun
I loved it. I hate getting those stupid chain letters, I think next time I get one, I'll forward this to them. Yeah. That's a great idea, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Thanks Pea!
Tippy is dead!

My friends do like me ... they do ... don't they!

She does think I'm crazy for doing this s*** !

No retirement!
hmm shot down on all answers. It's like my real life is on the intarweb! Oh.....wait......that already happened!
That was cool! lol

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