What was THE BEST day of your life, so far? (The Best Day Of Your Life)

Let's hear about it, be it meeting your lover, having a baby.....?
The very best first day I ever had was with Barry Smith, he delivered newspapers, he would show up early saturday morning, with his canvas bag over his shoulder full of newspapers to deliver.
I would go with him on his route and help him, I would recite the entire story of call of the wild to him, he liked it, he liked it alot, and I liked it that he liked it. When we finished he would buy me an ice cream. He moved away, my life was over for about a week.
Ahhh the lost loves of our lives.

For me it was being set loose in a jewellery store to replace all the things that were stolen when our house was broken into. It was hubby's birthday and I found him this goregous ring to replace his wedding band (which he didn't wear anyways because of his line of work). He still wears it to this day. I was trying to marquis diamond ring which were waaaayyy out of my price range, but I had to see what I looked like with it on. It was this day that I learned that diamonds and blue jeans can be worn together. I am a shop-a-holic by nature, no mall shall go unpatronized in my lifetime.
when i first used the potty....it was the happiest day ever!!

JK LOL i cant even remember what i ate for breakfast...so i wouldent know...
Ya diamonds are nice bevvy, especially when you try and figure out how many legs and arms it took to get that diamond on your finger. You better have a better story than that. let hear it about your first boyfriend.
I'm a material girl, what can I say? It's in my genes.

As for my first boyfriend, naw he was just the first of a long line of toads that didn't turn into my prince. But there were a few good ones along the way.

Now my hubby, we met at a bar, I was the bartender he was a customer. I mistook him for someone else and embarrassed myself to no end. So a few days later he asked me out for dinner and 3 months later we were married. It will be 20 years this December. When it's right, it's right.
What did you do to embarrass yourself that much, I'm curious??
Ya bevvy just what did you do? How about some of the things that can make your day? small things, big things, not material things, now there is a hard one

Whenever "shackleton" comes around to imax here, my day is made. I swear to god, if its a saturday I will catch every showing. I have lost count of how many times I have seen it. Each and every time I see it, it becomes more unreal and inconcievable that it even took place. What are the odds, how could it be, what great humans they were. The tale is to tall, the biggest big fish story I have ever heard, can someone really endure what they did. Some much bad luck, so much genius in one place at one time. It has to be one of the greatest stories I have ever heard.
I mistook him for some guy that had asked me out to go fishing, of all things, the week previous and there was no way in the world I would go out with that pompus *** and my comment to my future hubby was polite but....Anyhow it was dark, OK! and I asked if he had caught any fish or did the big one get away. Something like that anyways. I blushed redder than my grenadine (the red stuff in tequila sunrises) when I realized it wasn't the same person.

But the funny part is, it was this guy that pushed my hubby into proposing. He was in the navy at the time and he was about to be posted to Halifax and this other guy said I'm going to ask out bevvyd when you leave for Halifax. The pompus *** then came up to me and said "oh, I hear you live on a lake, will you take me water skiing after X leaves for Halifax?" He got a resounding NO and an even bigger GET LOST LOSER.

The next day I got a phone call to meet X for breaky and voila a marriage proposal over bacon and eggs and coffee. Not very romantic but original.
LOL bevvy, love your frankness and honesty is like a fresh island breeze, you know the kind that blow around here, but hey you are from around here aren't you

Water skiing thats a good one, on shawigan lake I bet. My friend has a couple of sea doo's, we go out to sproat lake and go out to the big red water bombers, their home is sproat lake. What sight to be up close to one of those. The mars water bombers, a really big red plane.
Gotta watch them cause they'll suck you right in. We used to watch them land and fill when there was a fire. Got stopped a couple of times while driving to see if there were any males in the vehicle to help fight the fires. Did you know you have to help? Yup you do, some kind of civic responsibility thing as Shawnigan's fire department is volunteer and there was only 2 RCMP at the time.

What was really funny was the RCMP got this brand new huge boat to patrol the waters on the lake, but no one was qualified to drive it. Took a couple of years before it moved from the dock.
We only go out to the red bombers in the down season, not much of that lately tho. They are sitting there in the middle of the lake. My friend always says, I would like to see the inside, thats when I say I am outta here. I did not know they had rcmp patrols on shawigan lake. They got their noses stuck everywhere. Good thing they are not that good at operating boats Last week I was at the sooke potholes. The parking lot is now PAY! they even dug a ditch all the way along, so you could not park on the side of the road. AH! dumb asses, don't they know how many people have 4 wheel drive around here. Everybody with a 4 wheel drive was parked in their ditches. Nice thing about the parking lot tho, everybody passes their parking time on to somebody else. I am sure they will figure a way to stop that. There was a RCMP sitting there eating tim hortons and drinking coffee trying to nab would be ticket givers. Go find some real crime. Been to the sooke potholes bevvy?
I haven't been to the potholes in years. I used to spend alot of time around Thetis cause that the place to be before we moved to Shawnigan. Then I got a taste of lake life and there would be no more public beaches for me.

This pay parking really bugs me. Last year Golden Ears Provincial Park raked in $100K in parking. No more free firewood either. Like there is a shortage of wood around this province. But you can stop at the gas station and buy "romantic firewood" complete with newspaper and kindling. Somebody sure thought up a money maker.
the Potholes are still a nice piece of water. Ya, thats one thing about here you still can find a lake all to yourself. Sproat lake was my lake like shawigan yours. Someone always had a cabin on it, best swimming hole I ever found. Except sometimes you get the cedar itch. Looks like I just about done working around here. taking off early, gotta check my place for damage with the slobs visiting me. We will be taking off for parts unknown, make our adventure along the way. Starting off with saltspring island. Have a great weekend bevvy, catch you later on the flip side
Diamond Sun
Best day of my life so far...hmm...

Is it totally cheesy to say my wedding day. Yes, it's pretty cheesy. Maybe the day Xendrick proposed. That was pretty magical.
My best day.. Well I'm still young but let me think..

Not really a long time ago, I went to meet the guy I love.. I was planning to stay there for a night.
I met him via MSN and MIRC And I had a really good time with him.
My parents didn't know where I was going so I woke up at 6 AM and dressed and everything then I took the bus to the train station and brought tickets, I was all shaking and scared cause I don't really like trains :P then my train was there and I thought: Oh my what am I doing?
I had to sit in that train for 2 hours.. then after 1 hour someone said something happened near a big city.. So I had to go by bus after that hour.. It was also scary, everyone was like.. watching me.. Then I arrived in the city where he lived so I got out of the bus and he was standing infront of me we gave eachother a hug and we walked to his house

I guess that was my best day.. Because I met someone special.. And I'll never forget it (- My mom found out and punished me for 6 months, lol.)

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