Whats your dream vacation

My mind has been up! I have given my deposit! I am going! The past few years I have received the earthwatch working vacation catalogue. Its very exciting, just like getting a seed or plant catalogue, garderners will understand that

My family thinks I have completely lost my mind, paying to take a vacation, but I do not view it that way at all, I am more than willing to pay for the experience. This is my vacation for 2005, can anyone honestly top it?

Kaikoura Peninsula, New Zealand - Tour boats bring as many as 180 people per day to swim with the acrobatic dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) that live in the shallows off this spectacular peninsula. In the past ten years, Kaikoura has become a Mecca for ecotourists who want to see whales and swim with dolphins. Clearly dolphins are good for business—an excellent incentive to protect them—but is business good for the dolphins?

Veteran Earthwatch scientist and world-renowned marine mammal biologist Dr. Bernd Würsig (Texas A&M University) is continuing his long-term study of dolphin social ecology and impacts of human activities on dolphin populations. So far, researchers have documented no overall negative effect of tourism on the more than 1,000 dusky dolphins in the local breeding population. Earthwatch teams will continue to monitor the dolphins’ movements, group sizes, and vocal behaviors to help make recommendations on numbers and types of vessels to affiliate with animals throughout the year. Of particular concern are small groups of female dolphins with calves, which are more sensitive to disturbances than other groups.

This year, Würsig will be in the field part-time with biologist and naturalist Nick Duprey, who will be leading all the teams. Tasks will rotate between land and sea. To refine details of dusky dolphin population biology and responses to tourists at sea, you will take identification photos, observe behavior, and monitor vocalizations using a hydrophone. On alternate days atop a limestone cliff, you will track dolphin movements and observe interactions with whale-watching and swim-with-dolphin tourboats. You will learn to spot dusky, bottlenose, and Hector’s dolphins, sperm whales, killer whales, and sea birds. Your findings will help managers make the marine ecosystem work for both dolphins and tourists.

Field Conditions: Be prepared for long hours on the water and a steep climb to the vantage point. You’ll stay in a modern rented house with all the amenities and an ocean view, in the lovely village of Kaikoura. Enjoy testing the culinary prowess of your teammates.

For some of the most unusual vacations you could imagine check out their website.

www.earthwatch.org/ (external - login to view)
New Zealand! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I wish i was youuuu

my dream vacation: Australia and New Zealand and then maybe Hawaii i wanna also go to asia like bangkok.

i want ur vacation peapod! i want it ooohhhhhhh
ASIA!!! So who wants to pay for me?
my favourate holiday spot is the gulf of mexico, a place called new port richie, it has this beach called pine island, the sunsets are spectacula.
Ahh, New Port Richie. Although I now live in North Carolina, I was born in Tampa Florida and have been to NPR many times. It is beautiful, as is the entire coast along the Gulf of Mexico. Good choice, Shell (welcome by the way )

For me, I think I would like to visit Peapod. It always sounds interesting whereever Peapod is, although it may be more the trappings of the mind than the actual location. (need to ask she that is Peapod )
Peapod you lucky duck. How big is your suitcase BTW?

My dream vacation is to go Paris and see the Louve (sp?). I've been an art lover most of my life.

Once while in Montreal the Impressionists were on tour and I took a day to see the exhibit. It was fabulous. Picasso, Monet, Manet and some others that were just breath taking. Man I wish I had talent.

Send us a post card, K?
Bevvy you just sold a house in Vancouver! I can do a little math, pack your own suitcase and come with me. You are an island girl at heart, your kind of adventure, you know what I mean, give something back to the planet, not humans, they will still be around, everything else won't be. Catch it now sooner than later. Although this little adventure will make a dent on my shack on the beach, I could also be dead before I get that shack.

Well Prometheus, I would have to say that most people from this board could visit me, now I said most, not all. I have alot of Peapod protectors, so I am not worried. if I happen to come to the conclusion that as a human you make the grade, I might even take you on a peapod adventure. Only requirements gumb boots, and know all the words to I am a lumberjack. My little island adventures to not compare to some of the adventures that the adventurers have on this rock.
Peapod, we's headed for Mehico either at Xmas or shortly thereafter. I hate crowds so probably after all the kiddies go back to school. That way there is no shortage of beach umbrellas, short line ups (if any at all) at the beach dispense-it-yourself wine and beer taps, and lots and lots of food.

After that all the money goes into the new house and business, except I do get to buy a couple of new additions to the house. Mom said Dad always bought a new vehicle whenever they moved, but I think we'll settle for a tractor (gotta dig it), new dining room suite only not a formal one just casual. And a couple of dumb gadgets for the kitchen. My Tupperware collander is split and my shredder is almost in 2 pieces and my daughter took my pyrex lasagna pan, rotten child.
Those a good excuses bevvy for not coming with me Maybe you better read the adventure a few times, it will start calling you, saying *^#@ the tupperware bevvy.

My company descends upon me tonight, a week of mayhem and disorder! I am really looking forward to all most falling into my toilet in the middle of night because some lumberjack has left the toilet seat up. My favorite is going to turn the bathtub faucets on first thing in the morning and being hit by cold water, as the last lumberjack took a shower. This is my house mind if I sit on my own couch, you there sprawed out on my couch! No I am not watching sports! I am watching that 400 pound gorilla Dennis Miller Do you have to eat nacho's so loudly. Do you mind, scratching your balls somewhere else! Thank god there will be a couple of females along to clean up behind them What the heck, they are my buds I can stand it for a week anyway.
Hey you got friends like I got family.

A couple of years ago one of my nephews and his wife and baby came out for a visit. Well before I even got home she was in the kitchen moving things around so she could put away her baby dishes and she needed an entire cupboard to herself for teething cookies and formula and ice cube trays. She moved my everyday mixing bowls to the top shelf and my plates to the same area. She was informed that there was no need to worry about anyone taking the formula and her plastic ice cube trays could certainly co-mingle with my tupperware. Her baby plate could be set standing up by our dinner plates but basically there was NO need to have moved my stuff around as I own the place.

Then it got worse, they were given 1 large bedroom their own livingroom complete with stereo and TV and 3 pc bathroom. She moved out the kids stuff from the family room so she could have 2 bedrooms. Then she invited her dad for Christmas (he's from out of town) without even asking anyone of us. Grrrr. She left pretty soon after I had my say. Good riddance. They may have been family and maybe I expect too much, but common courtesy and a bit of respect is all I ever asked for. Oh yeah forgot about finding her at home with the baby with breakfast dishes still in the livingroom (and there was to be NO eating in the livingroom) at 5:30 pm her in her robe and baby still not dressed. And I won't go into the smelly diaper issues we had.

I love them to bits but I can't live with them.
Ya, us westerners like to have our very own nests. My brother's got small rugrats. Every time they come it takes me a week to find the commander. No russell crowe, the tv remote. Man is it annoying to have to get and up and down and change channels, try it sometime! very very annoying.

The nerve of the women trying to mingle your tupperware with inferior chemicals. Whats the most disquisting thing you ever saw your brother do. I have so many I do not where to start. Well the worst is cleaning his room, as punishment from my mother for some slight. In his closet he had a bottle of tanquier Gin. Inside was a women's pair of underwear. I always wondered how he did that, it looked like the bottle had not been opened. Hey mom....what this in stringbeans closet...TeeHeee
Oh that's easy,

One morning I was sitting at the kitchen table with my cup of tea, stack of peanut butter toast reading the newspaper. My brother got up to take a phone call. He was dressed in his usual, nothing but underwear. He asked for a slice of toast and I said "No! make some yourself." So he stuck his hand down his shorts, gave himself a good rub and a scratch and patted my toast. Needless to say he got the enitre stack.
Hey what's my brother doing over at your house. I refuse to go fishing with him, he makes me sick!!!! He refuses to go to shore unless he catches something, no matter if he has to buy a fish from a passing fishermen. There were times when considered throwing him overboard. The worst....he hangs his *** over the boat when he has to go to the bathroom, rips the pocket off his lumberjack shirt. That was the last time I went fishing with him, enough is enough. Did your brother wear blue stanfields?
Before I go, here are some dumb *** things my brother has done, He is chopping a small tree in his back yard, the tree is not falling over!, even tho there is just enough there to make a toothpick, what does he do? he sticks his thumb in there to see what going on, the tree decides to fall at that moment. It was a kodiak moment, except for the blood. This is the time for negoiation on who gets the boat next

My father has an old beat up truck, we are playing in it, my brother says dad told him the lighter was not working, he pops it in, than he put the thing on his chin! Guess what the lighter worked. For weeks he had a nice little element craved on his chin.
Very possibly. My mom said they were the best. Not sure how she knew that to be true.

My daughter was in Madrid a few years back and she loved every minute of it. Actually I've heard from a number of people what a great place it is. Hope to get there too, after Paris that is.

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