boring job

Galaniomama and I have both have very boring jobs, or maybe we are so good at them, they just have become boring. Often now I find myself experiencing the following problem.

Sometimes, I don't know what it is I'm thinking about. I say to myself,"What are you thinking about, peapod?" And I respond by saying,"I don't know, peapod. I just don't know." I spend alot of time wondering what exactly is on my mind, but I usually draw a blank. No matter what I do, I can't figure out what I'm thinking. I spend hours at a time sitting quietly in my chair with my eyes closed, concentrating as hard as I can to try to find out what's going on inside my head - but there's nothing; it's just me wondering about what I'm thinking. And I sometimes try to catch myself by surprise by pretending not to be thinking about anything and then saying,"Hey peapod! What are you thinking about?!", but that distracts me and then I end up forgeting what I was thinking about. My best guess at to what I'm thinking about right now is how much fun it would be to catch myself thinking about something I didn't want me to know about.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
yeah, my job is boring. sometimes i lay my head down on my desk just to rest my neck, and i fall asleep. one time i didn't hear the phone ring, i just kept sleeping. it was wonderfully peaceful and quiet here, unlike home.

i usually have a nice lunch, then just a little nap before i start my afternoon chores. no i mean work. i think this is a job. anyhow, i get to read a lot of magazines, talk to my buddies on the phone, and basically look out the window. it's kinda sad in a way. like being in day jail. nah. it's just boring. very boring. very very boring.

i think i have gnirob syndrome.
LOL galaniomama you forgot to mention you snore at work to I actually had a thought, I am writing it down before I forget I had it and have to ask myself peapod what are you thinking about.

What if I am the only one that exists? If we assume that Decartes' philosophy: "cognito ergo sum" is true, which seems rather obvious now that its been put into words, then at least we know that we (I) exist. Everything else could easily be the product of my deranged mind. The world could easily be the dream of some supreme being (me). what would happen if I woke up?
well, actually, I can't prove that, but I can't prove it's not true, so cross your hallucinated fingers. Are we really atoms or just viruses.
Was D J salinger right?
Hey look at the time, I will be heading down the road with my empty head in an hour I leave you with this simple question galainomama am I diagonally parked in a parallel universe or am I just a witty wastrel? Tell me on Sunday. Have a great weekend.
You've got to liven things up a little. Make people bring you in ice cream, or donuts or a latte. Just something to break up the monotony.

I too talk on the phone all day, but I'm lucky cause me and my suppliers have a tendency to talk dirty to each other which is good for a belly laugh. Sometimes when ordering nipples and RTD's with tip insertion depth and tip sensivity or when a diaphram has a hole in and it's not supposed to can lead the way into some hilarious conversations. Mind you I have had a couple of secretaries take issue with the lingo, but nothing I can do about it it's called what it's called and if I don't put in all that info I don't get the right part.

We have one guy here at work that wears a silly hat every Monday, one guy likes to yodel every once in a while, just something to break up the same old same old.

Bring yourself in some flowers so you have something nice to look at and something nice to smell.
Not too many jobs that don't eventually get boring.

I am self-employed and work from home - not a long drive to work

I work at 3 different jobs, from home, but all Internet-based. Not MLM , or anything like that, but "real" jobs.

In 98-99 I had a desk job in Richmond Hill (I live in Barrie), and that became boring very fast. To liven up my day I would arrive early each morning and create a new telephone answer message on my extension. I went on the net and picked up an interesting tidbit of history for that date, and would use it in my message.

"On this day in 1852, ......." "...and top Hit Parade tune of this date in 1968 was .....".

I was the Internet-based sales "Sales Manager", and webmaster, and we dealt with people from all over, mostly North America, and many would call, after-hours, just to hear my message. I had nothing but raving comments on my messages.

My employer, or immediate superior, did not share my enthusiasm, or the fact that it was great PR for the company (which, oddly enough, does not exist anymore - wonder why). I was laid-off on the downhill free-fall.

Point being - make your job interesting - or at least some aspect of it.
Glad to see some new keystrokes here bogie. Welcome! come hang out with us islanders

Just out of curiosity, what was the BEST job you had, be it in money, fun or learning, meeting people, whatever?

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