She is back!

What can I say my fellow borg! I miss the place. Although I will not return at my previous fevered pitch, a return it will be. You guys need me for the laughs and a few rays of sunshine every so often. Beside who can I tell my adventures to if not the borg.

Soon Charlie and myself who is me will be attending "disco night" at the gay club of a special friend of the pod and charlie. Secretly charlie and myself like the toe tapping crap! We plan on really loosing it that night, having no concern about predators and being able to shake our booty in a room of beautiful men! Although charlie might have something to worry about! Right now he is humming "ring my bell" we will be sure to provide you with pics of the event. As you can imagine it will be very theatricial as the people are very creative in this gender bender group!

I myself had an awesome adventure this weekend past, a big chill bash in the home town of one peapod. The beer was flowing, along with creedence clear water. Lots of good times and old memories of days long since past. She who is me got to see many old friends and stayed up most of the night. Also attending were the IDENTICAL twins rick and ken. You still cannot tell those two apart even after all these years. Peapod had one for a boyfriend in 10th grade, and they like to play gags on her regarding their identity crisis. As in those days, the usual weekend fare was either a bush party or a home where parents were not around to stiffle our mayhem. If both brothers appeared at the party at the same time, it would confuse peapod and she would be driven to neck with both brothers, not being able to distinguish either! This did cause some miffing between brothers, but it was funny to watch someone fight with themself :lol:

At one in the morning sunday, which was really still saturday night to us, my home room girlfriend and myself headed out to our old swimming hole for old times sake. Our old swimming hole included some nice cliffs where in days past we would jump off into the abyss. This time we took flashlights, although the path is etched in our brains from childhood days. When we get there we put one flashlight at the bottom of the cliffs so we can use it as a beacon to find our way back to shore after the nose dive. We make our way to the top on this black night. At the top we decide that only a leap off the cliff naked would be appropiate at this moment! No one is around except for the two old broads from Mr. woodwards home room. We put some the correct enigma tune that cordinates with our leap. Alrighty! now the tune is blasting, we hold hands make the run for it, laughing and hollering all the way down into the decent back into the womb! well it felt like that anyway :D A spiritual moment to peapod, the darkness, the water, my old friend, the tunes, nakedness! as I explain the feelings of this spiritual experience to the other old broad, she makes me laugh out loud, :lol: oh for christsakes pea pod its just a skinny dip, you have to do something about your acid flashbacks....lets jump again....race you to the flashlight :wink:
American Voice
Sounds like Butch and Sundance, Pea. Glad you're back, but Borg? Really? I'd rather it were Klingons, 'cause Klingons never bluff.
I do hope to still see you around, peapod

I'm in Montréal the moment, so I hope everyone is doing well. Cheers ;p
Thanks american for the nice words, I like you, when you act normal :lol: Charlie says look its Sandmännchen papa welcoming you back. :D

On my return home from the big chill weekend, I stopped in the great town of duncan. There is a place there that makes the best hamburgers on the planet! I was slurping my coffee and reading my book the art of angling, fish that is not life. Two men across the way are staring at my book, they are not hard on the eyes either! Your not really reading that book are you? one asks. Why wouldn't I be, I replied, one must have a good knowledge of fish, If you understand your quarry, than you can defeat him or her. A conversation is started about fish, big fish, real fish! The eye candy join me at my table, telling me their big fish stories, I to have my own big fish stories, mine are better than theirs, my big fish stories are akin to the old man and the sea! She who is me even has a photo of one 25 pound muskie caught in the wilds of ontario many moons ago. Fish angler reader, lets see this picture of your big fish, well I don't carry his mug shot around with me, its more memory than anything else. But if you insist on seeing his and my mugshot, provide your e-mail address and I will send my muskies mugshot before the sun goes down this day.

If you do indeed have such a mugshot of your muskie and send it to us, we will buy you a hamburger next time you pass this way. Agreed! two new big fish friends. You are kinda odd reader of fish angling, you are not the first to point this out, two new big fish friends. I seek the oddities of life out, like sitting here eating my hamburger, with you two, talking fish and angling.

You are also very funny reader of fish angling, not really I reply, I am just here for the halibut! You have provided us with much entertainment, we will pay for your hamburger, Agreed! as you already owe me one for the big fish photo I will send you this day before the sun goes down. Well two new big fish friends, I must continue on my way. I leave you with this food for thought for dessert. Life is pleasant, death is peaceful, its the transition that is troublesome! Eyebrows arch, and lift...they are thinking this fish is deep!

Well lunch is just about over, I must return to reality! besides my arm is killing me, having it almost wrenched out of it socket by one dufus old friend on the second jump on the cliffs! I could not even do my kill bill moves on galaniomama when she stopped by this morning. I love beating her up! I need a yellow jump suit!

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