So whats your favourite Country and City?

Hi everyone, I'd like to start a thread bout what your favourite (vacation) Country and City is

Well I'll start:

My favourite country is: Spain
My favourite city is: Zoetermeer (Located in the Netherlands.)
American Voice
Honestly, I haven't had occasion to travel in a long time, but my very most magical memories are of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I have long had a desire to see Toronto. My nephew says it's beautiful. He always grins when he mentions it.

I have contemplated Montreal, and Halifax.

The finest woman I have ever known lives in Seattle, and she hasn't married anyone else.

Maybe see my ancestral stomping grounds in the Jura region of Switzerland, lots of people who would recognize me and invite me home for supper.

My favorite place is home. I once found an archeological artifact, while digging a trench at the rear of my garden, to plant a hedge: a white flint Miller lanceolate Clovis point (an arrowhead). Identical finds unearthed in Pennsylvania at Meadowcroft were dated by the Mercyhurst Institute at between 11,700 and 12,300 years before the present. The 1870 county atlas identifies about a hundred native mounds in the region. I'm glad to be here, where there is some of the most fertile and beautiful land in the entire world.
great Britain

Diamond Sun
Good thread.

My favourite country (not including the one I live in of course) is at this point Thailand. There is this peaceful energy everywhere you go there.

My favourite city? Perhaps Edmonton, which is boring, but it's where I grew up. Or else, if not in Canada, maybe Sukothai in Thailand, what a great city with amazing history.

Love Vienna - city of music - Mozart, Beethoven and others

BIG Mozart and Hyden fan and too of earlier Baroque and Medieval.

It really sets the scene for this earlier time.

But then Europe will all it's history is something we don't have in Canada.

The best we have for history is I guess... the McDonald-Cartier Highway

Too, love the underground centuries' old wine kellars - they serve a cup of wine in a clear glass and a couple slices of cheese and ham.

Public transit will take you quickly and easily to the four corners of the metropolis. Great place.
My favourite city is a tossup between Montréal and München (Munich). My favourite country is also a tossup between Germany and Canada. Sometimes I prefer one over the other.

I have connections to each city and country.
USA (only been to Canada twice)

Boston (and I'm a Yankee fan, wtf?)
I would love to go to Boston!!! use to live in Halifax, but we never made it there.

My favourite city is my hometown, but my favourite place to travel to at the present time is Arizona. love the desert, heat, and the grand canyon. nice. may is the best month, the cactus are in bloom. beautiful.
Emotionally -- Paisley, Scotland where I was born.

Favorite Canadian city - Quebec City

Favorite US city - Washington, DC.

I am inlove with India. Its just so... alive. Even death seems to live in Inda. That said, New Orleans is my favorite city but having grown up in the heart of the French Quarter, I may be more than a bit biased. Anything cold and remote is exciting too- Nunavut, Greenland, eastern Siberia. And of course, Newfoundland. How can one not fall for the rock?
My favorite city is Montreal, favorite country Canada, and I'm fortunate enough to live here.

But the thread is about favorite vacation spot, would be Trpanj, Croatia and Rome, Italy. I have wonderful memories of both.

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