Know what I hate?

Reverend Blair
I hate when you have a smoke in your mouth and your hair gets tangled up in it and then the room smells like burnt hair so you get up to leave and you trip over the senile old dog but catch yourself on the chair but the chair has wheels so it rolls away and slams into the beer fridge and all the papers you piled neatly on the beer fridge until you get back to the CN story land on the floor and the senile old dog, in a panic because of the excitement, tramples on all of the papers.

I really hate when that happens.
I am an ex-cigarette smoker (gotta love the patch) but never had long hair at all so I can't really relate.

Though I had a friend who did have long hair and smoked. One night had a cigarette in his mouth, was a little buzzed and before he knew it half his hair was gone from it. I found it amazing, I know hair is flammable, but he MUST have had some sort of product in to to make it worse. Cause it happened in a matter of seconds from a cigarette right in front of my eyes, not as if it was an open flame or something.
Reverend Blair
He must have had something in his hair because I my cigarettes tangled in my hair fairly regularly and have never had a serious mishap.
I have never, and will NEVER smoke!!
Reverend Blair
Good for you, Lisa. I don't condone smoking, but I did think it made me look incredibly cool when I was twelve.
Agreed, I was up to over a pack a day and I am only a young man.

It took me 2 years of saying "Im gonna quit sometime" and people saying "yeah right" to finally do it.

Towards the end besides that first cigarette of the day and the one after supper I didn't even enjoy it anymore.

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