Diamond Sun
Has anyone ever seen, or heard, or been directly involved with something they could not explain? UFO sighting? Ghosts in your attic?

I find it all very interesting, and don't like to discount the possibility.

So, tell me some stories!
Reverend Blair
We saw something weird flowing around the sky just outside of Regina when I was a teenager. It went unreported because we out there drinking beer and smoking dope, but we were all pretty familiar with the night sky and never saw lights like that before.

The lights zipped around the sky northeast of us. Impossibly sharp turns, sudden stops and accelerations, wickedly fast. Then they just disappeared, not like they flew off into the distance, but like they just winked out.

I don't believe that aliens are flying their ships here. I do think something is going on though. Too many others have seen similar things. It wasn't experimental military aircraft though...not around Regina. We weren't hallucinating though, and it sure as hell wasn't Venus.

I don't know what it was, but I'd like an explanation one day.
American Voice
That's a good question, DS. I'll have to think about that.

Okay, dreams. I once had a dream in which, while I wasn't a soldier, I was in a trench on one side of a battlefield, a la First World War. I leaned forward on the parapet, and three persons on the other side rose up, as if to yield. I ran back to my post, where a general officer was standing, as if to reprimand me. Instead, he held out to me a camera. I was not to be a combatant, but a witness. On the parapet stood a woman, who sang one word, and the word was "glaube," which in German means faith, to have faith, or to believe. It was all very striking and colorful, a true "big" dream. I have them, on occasion. Anyway, this was before I gained knowledge of one of my ancestors, whose existence was uncannily accurately depicted in this dream. Are you familiar with the work of Carl Jung, his psychology of the unconscious?
My grandfather during the first world war was a seaman in the british navy. He and three other fellows were on shore leave in france. he had never in his life travelled outside of the british isles. when they got off the ship he told the other fellows to stop. he then proceeded to describe the street they were coming to, the houses they would see, the colour of the front doors, and the shapes of the buildings. he was exactly right on all accounts! he said, he had visited there before in a previous life.
Reverend Blair
My grandfather and a bunch of other men were out working on a threshing crew. These are big Ukranian farm boys...not afraid of much and not given to superstition beyond their religion.

It started to rain...one of those late August thunderstorms that blow up on the prairies...so they took shelter in an abandoned farm house. They were sitting around waiting out the rain when there was a knock at the door. One of them opened the door and a pair of shoes walked in and headed into the back room. One of the men followed, saw a brief glimpse of a hanged man wearing the shoes, then watched the apparition disappear.

That story always creeps me out because the Irish side of my family is full of ghost stories but the Ukranian side is not. You could only get Grandpa to tell the story if one of the other men was there too (a couple of his brothers or one of his friends) and if there was a priest or nun around (not unusal at our family gatherings) he would refuse to even acknowledge your questions or mutter under his breath for you to be quiet.
American Voice
This is shaping up to be an interesting thread. Thanks, DS.
I have not had any ufo or alien experiences myself, but in 4th grade Penny Robinson sent me this letter when I was at bible camp.

Hi Peapod

One spooky night when I was in bed, I got up for some water. I heard a strange noise. I looked out my back door and saw a big flying saucer! It had blinking lights on it and it also made a loud humming noise.
I woke up my mom and dad. When we all got to the back door, the flying saucer was gone. We all went back to bed. Mom and dad said I must have been dreaming. After I was in bed for a while I heard another strange sound. I jumped up and ran back to the back door. The flying saucer was back and this time it's lights were blinking but it was making no sound. I watched from the back door and a strange door opened on the side of the flying saucer. There were colorful lights around the door and bright light coming from inside. Then I saw a shadow and it moved. I saw two bright green eyes in the door way and they were moving toward me. The alien walked a few steps away from the saucer. The alien was tall and skinny. His eyes were very big and glowed green in the dark. He was not really scary looking but was sort of friendly. I was not afraid.

The alien saw my kittens. He started to pet them. They were afraid and ran away. All at once he made a soft purring sound and the kittens came running back to see him. This time they let him pet them. I heard lots of purring from the alien and the kittens. It was very funny. I laughed really loud and the alien heard me. He started to walk towards me. I said "hello" and "how are you"? He didn't say anything but he made that purring sound.

Then he turned and walked toward the flower garden. He picked some flowers for samples to take home with him. He smelled them and sneezed very loud. That woke up my parents and also the neighbors. Everyone came to see what the noise was and when they saw the alien, they were a little scarred, especially the kids. The alien was happy and glad that we were there to see him. He smiled and said "I will not harm you." Then he made the purring noise, turned around and walked toward the flying saucer with the flowers.

He stopped and petted the kittens one last time before he went into the flying saucer. The door closed behind him and the lights around it went out. There was a big sound and the saucer began to spin around faster and faster. There were bright lights and lots of smoke. Then it took off and went into the sky. It moved very fast. When it was far, far, away, we couldn't see it anymore.

Everybody talked about the alien for a while. Suddenly my mom looked at the flower garden and saw a strange flower that she had never seen before. It glowed in the dark and changed to all the colors of the rainbow, back and forth. My mom said that this beautiful rainbow flower must have been the aliens special gift to all of us.

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