Hopscotch or Jacks

Remember those games from being a kid? Which one was your fave? What was the one with the elastics all put together and you had to jump over it?
Haggis McBagpipe
Chinese skip rope! I loved that game, and was good at it. Same with jacks, nobody could beat me. Same with marbles, too. I was a mighty fine playground player. I just sucked at team sports 'cause I have zero team spirit.
yes! chinese skip rope. member when it would go up to your waist and you had to jump over it.....no, you are not allowed to touch the rope, right?

yeah, i was never into team sports either. use to play grass hockey, but my god, the other teams were nasty. that didn't last too long!

i can't remember (!) what i did in my lunch hour - oh i know - that one with the ball on the string around the pole. i aced that one.
Diamond Sun
I loved Chineese skip rope. In fact, I was going to enter a skip rope competition, which I'm sure I would have won, but I fell ill the day before the competition.

I also loved marbles. And I was good at that!
Haggis McBagpipe
Chinese skip rope was one of the greater pleasures of childhood, for sure! Nice to know it stayed around.

I would have kicked your butt playing marbles.

I really cleaned up on all the marbles of all the kids who played, until a boy - a redheaded Irish boy - asked if he could take them home just for the night. That was the first and last time I was ever duped by a male. I still have not forgiven him!
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