Great bunch

Well people I am pushing the off switch on my computer for the rest of the summer. I will probally wander back in late September or October. Its gonna be a hard thing to do, especially not hanging around here all day. But I plan on attending canadian content anonymous meetings on a regular basis. Truth is I gotta start going back out into the real world for awhile. I pretty much have neglected my life this past few months hanging with you guys. My work has piled up along with my laundry. I have way to many weeds in my garden. I plan on taking some holidays soon and do some lumberjack stuff. I just want to say what a great place this is, I have had the best laughs here I found some pretty sharp wit and humor especially with haggis and researchok. Pretty darn sharp those two! It all been so much fun, but than there is reality and we all have to face it sooner or later. I won't bore you with everyone's names. American voice give yourself a smack every so often it helps, and frankly you need one every so often, but you are part of the family. Hag you old bag I will truly miss you even tho I still am not sure about your gender You will have galaniomama hanging around here, I swear the women has the most boring job on the island. I will leave you with a link to those pictures of myself and galaniomama taking our charlie out for a sunday drive. I will also leave you with what else a story

Charlie is made out of paper and some paint. But I tell you he has provided the best entertainment I could have imagined. He stays home alot but every now and than he ventures out on a road trip or in the neighbourhood, where he is well known. Its pretty amazing the stir he causes and the smiles he brings to people. We ask total stangers if we can take a picture of them with Charlie, I tell you people's faces just light up, and they get such a kick out of it. People give him things, buy him donuts, and kids love him. Nothing like charlie to wake up a few drones. Charlie is a babe magnet for both genders as you will see in the photos. You will also see my boots and galaniomama, she is the one with charlie down her shirt! what a hoe she is. And of course herself which is myself. I'd be the one with the blonde hippy chick waiting to catch a ride on a boat off the rock, we are islanders so we don't mind ferry waits, thats what BC bud is for. Anyway I hope you all have a great rest of the summer. I will catch you all later down the trail. here is the link to the photos and I cannot stress enough what a pain in the *** it was doing it! (external - login to view)
Haggis McBagpipe
Sorry to see you go, Pea. I can understand why you're checking out, for I often feel the same way. A forum can become almost an addiction, it can become too much sometimes... and too much of even a good thing is just too much (I know, I know, except for whiskey, as Twain would say).

Have a good summer.
American Voice
So long, Peapod. Have adventures! Come back.
Pea! Pea!!! can you hear me!!!!

i can't open the pics. I wanna see what you put there. Did anyone else open the pictures?
Haggis McBagpipe
Gally, tell Pea the pictures are great. They're funny, and she put a lot of work into this. Nice pics of you guys. Gally, you are one gorgeous woman. Tell Pea the forum would like keep Peas n' Chuck (even though it kind of sounds like a British meal).
okay pea, i think this has gone on long enough. the summer is now officially over.
I love the whole Charlie concept. I laughed like crazy once I realized who he was. I think you should have him go International, travel from place to place and have his picture taken in the same way. See how many places he can travel, and how many people he can meet.

Have a great summer btw. Hope you still pop in from time to time.

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