Falling Faaast Asleep

Haggis McBagpipe
How do you fall asleep? Does sleep come easily? Do you count sheep, have a favourite position, need a warm body, hate pillows, love 'em, sleep nekkid or well-clad in flannels... how do you drift into that dark world every night?
American Voice
I sleep (alone) on a Serta extra firm twin-size, parked on top of a ¾" sheet of plywood. I turn it religiously, rotate, or rotate and turn, every two weeks, as I have done since I bought it four years ago. I keep the room cool and dark. I have become accustomed to using silicone foam earplugs. Last night, I slept soundly for twelve hours. I began taking Lipitor a week ago, and I think it has kicked in. Anyone know something about that? And, oh, about the bed, I am seriously contemplating the purchase of a full-size, the next time they come up on sale. I'll park the twin-size in another room, and use it for a guest bed.

Oh, and incidentally, I have always slept naked. If I'm a guest, I'll keep my underwear on, having no pajamas.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by American Voice

Oh, and incidentally, I have always slept naked. If I'm a guest, I'll keep my underwear on, having no pajamas.

There isn't any other way to sleep.

We have a queen-sized Natura latex bed with wool topper. We used to use a feather bed, but this new Natura bed just doesn't need it. We have the pillows, too, again, latex with wool cover. The wool is cool in the heat, warm in the cool. We use a wool duvet, again from Natura, and again, it keeps things cool in the summer, warm in the winter. It is very thin, not like a feather duvet.

I buy only 100% cotton coverings, so they breathe, and all-white because I like the look of an all-white bed.

Windows must be open all night, and after the lights go out the shades are opened so that we can look out at the stars, city lights and water.

If it is really hot, I can't sleep, otherwise I (usually) have no problem. What used to work when I could not sleep is one ibuprofen pill. Since I so rarely take any kind of drug, the one ibuprofen acts like a sleeping pill, and a really good one at that. However, I have recently found out that ibuprofen has been found to possibly raise blood pressure quite significantly, therefore no more. Besides, I'd rather go without sleep than take a drug (I understand that it is a lot different with real insomnia, then medication is often needed, but fo me it is just an occasional thing).
American Voice
Ibuprofen is bad. It spikes my blood pressure, and makes me impotent. I discovered this about five years ago, when I was taking a decongestant that contained ibuprofen. I had just begun dating and sleeping with a woman, and found, much to my horrible chagrin, that I was. . .well, limp. At the time, I suffered really bad allergies to pollen--it was spring. She had central AC, in the environment of which I didn't require the medication. In the morning, which is my favorite time anyway, I was once again stiffly erect, and it was great.

If you have allergies, try Allegra Alergy. It's an antihistamine.
Haggis McBagpipe
Funny about the ibuprofen, eh. Such drugs are touted as safe yet are often far from.
Diamond Sun
As long as Xendrick isn't snoring, all i require is a relatively dark room, and some kind of quiet. The best kind of quiet is white noise in the back ground, like a fan running, or the dryer or washing machine running. This helps me to sleep.

I have a waterbed that I adore. We bought a standard sleigh bed for a regular box spring and mattress and then retrofitted it to hold our waterbed mattress (which is waveless!). It's warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and without the sheets, and a little massage oil it can be a lot of fun...oh wait, was that too much information.
We have one of those feather bed thingees, which is nice. Wool duvet cover that is nice and cool in summer, as hag says.

I usually fall asleep reading, and if not, then with my cat nearby. she is a wonderful companion. the room is very quiet and i have music playing. ahh, sounds like i need a nap!
Does anyone have anything from their youth - teddy bears or blankets that they have managed to keep? I found in my younger daughter's room her blanket from when she was little. My eldest daughter still has her stuffed rabbit that is on her bed (it's 21 now).
Haggis McBagpipe
My daughter, 28, still has her 'teddy' which is, in fact, a flea-bitten, threadbare, smelly, haggard looking raccoon. That teddy was the very first present given to our daughter, from a friend of my mother's, given several months before our daughter was born.

For myself, no, I don't have any mementos like that, alas. I did have a pet water bottle when I was a kid, I kept it on a leash, too. It was well-behaved, which is good because I knew how to pull the plug on it if things got out of hand.

I did have a pet water bottle when I was a kid, I kept it on a leash, too. It was well-behaved, which is good because I knew how to pull the plug on it if things got out of hand.

that is hilarious!! i use to have my 'silky' which i carried around and sucked my thumb with. i didn't just suck my thumb, i snorted too. no wonder no one wants to be in a public place with me. lol.
Haggis McBagpipe
You snorted? That's funny. When my daughter was a teenager, she and I would get into some really obnoxous snorting when laughing, but we were doing it on purpose. My, we were offensive!
Diamond Sun
Oh my goodness, I still have the first teddy I was ever given. His name was flower bear. He currently has only one eye (I think), has holes in both armpits, and is so raggy, but I still have him tucked away safely in a box. One of my few possessions I would take if I ever had to quickly leave my house.

I also have this blanket from my bed from when i was 5. It's very comforting when I'm sad. It used to be bright purple flowers with bright green stems. Now it's kind of a beigy-creamy colour, and you have to look really hard to discern any type of pattern. The edges are all torn, and the padding inside is one big clump. There's no way I'll ever get rid of it. I've tried a couple times, but I always get it back before that dump truck comes.
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes! You must keep Flower Bear! Imagine, even thinking of trying to get rid of it, tsk.
Diamond Sun
I should take a picture of him and post him, he's so pathetically cute! And, seriously, I mean, could you think of a better name for a teddy bear covered in flowers?
Haggis McBagpipe
Flower Bear, well sure, that is all he could be called, and besides, with a name like that he probably felt he could never bite you when you were sleeping. This is a good thing.

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