Gandhi the Dog, formerly known as Angus

Haggis McBagpipe
It is scorchingly hot outside, and inside as well (no air-conditioning). The dog, who we will rename 'Gandhi' due to his incredible passive resistance, is far too hot because he insists on wearing a fur coat even in this weather. So, we go out, buy a little kiddie pool just for the dog so that he can enjoy instant cool-down.

Will he get in that pool?

Not on your life. You have never seen such a beaten-looking dog. He whimpers. He cringes. He becomes coyly playful (diversion tactic).

Now the thing is, this same dog will, during hikes, lie down in a raging creek when he gets too hot. This pool has three little inches of quiet water in it. This pool, though, is probably a Trick, and he sure is not falling for it.

Finally, we lift his pathetic quivering mass into the pool - I am waiting in the pool to show how safe it is - and he stands there, stoic, with accusing eyes that say, 'yes, this is just as awful as I had imagined, but I suppose it gives you pleasure'.

The moral of this story is, if the dog gets too hot from the heat? Tough luck, puppy.
American Voice
What you all need is a trip to the planetarium. Angus will see dog stars, and recognizing them, bark with joy.
Haggis McBagpipe
He's going to see dog stars, alright, and he doesn't even have to go to any planetarium!
American Voice
Hey, I've actually put on my slippersox.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by American Voice

Hey, I've actually put on my slippersox.

!!!!! Them's fightin' words!
American Voice
Okay, ImageShack is back up. Let's see what y'got!

Hey, I've actually put on my slippersox.

AV - please elaborate. i have no idea what these are.

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