peapods little adventure

Well since you asked I guess I could amuse you with my tale of wunderlust.
Things were going along pretty well, until I found myself hooked up with a
Big Lebowski and his trophy girlfriend. Baubles do not belong in the
unless they are pinecones. When I am in the woods I don't want to hear
about the color of your hair, the length of your legs or the curve of
whatever body
part you're always obsessing curves too little or too much. I don't care
about ralph lauren or calvin klein, tommy hilfiger, gucci, or Versace.
The 6 inch nails might come in handy if we see a kitty cat, I have
seen talons like that once, a bald eagle having his way with a squrriel by
the side of the road. The eagle did not have frosty pink #34 on his talons
tho. trophy does not like the forest or its products, no Este lauder out
here. Trophy is scared of forest music, and ramblings of the ocean They
don't go
with her designer tank top and muti-coloured cell phone, which does not work
out in the forests. Shut the *#&! up trophy, peapod says to herself. Big

is upset, his dream of mutual oneness with trophy is not working out the
he planned. He is getting tired, having to coax and plead with trophy over
bridges, up ladders, down the beach, over boulders. All these are icky to
trophy, she need a spa treatment!. How about a seaweed facial trophy?
Peapod is thinking now, how she can ditch big lebowski and trophy. Come on
trophy you are not really crying are you!!! Alge is not slime, in fact some
would consider it the primordial ooze from which we all came from. UH? she
has a look
of, what you talking about willis? Bedding down time, in the morning peapod
will come up with something to ditch the super couple. Trophy wants to go
home, what you got in that knapsack trophy, are you looking for scent,
here smell these, peapod thinks as she takes her socks off she has been
wearing all day in aldo brown leather hiking boots. Trophy does not know
she did to deserve this kind of dining, its to primial, she prefer fine,
dining that is..Its getting dark now, trophy's ascared of everything
now...peapod asks her Hey trophy, you ever seen that movie Deliverence?
stop peapod, she says to herself, you came here for spiritual reasons.
Trophy has laid the law down, its home tomarrow, and she must be carried
there or piggybacked. Trophy finally whimpers herself to sleep. Big
lewobski now himself whimpers to peapod about his dream of a nature merger
with trophy biteing the dust. Well big lebowski peapod tells him, I to had
myself a trophy once, and while beauty can set off a spark, it can't in
and of itself keep the flame burning forever. Yes, big lebowski is begining
to see this, he is 47. Listen big lebowski don't take my word for it,
winnie the pooh is a very clever bear with great insight. Big lebowski eyes
get as big as saucers, thinking peapod is going to tell him a bedtime story.
What! What! did winnie the pooh say he asks from peapod. Well you should
be looking for a trophy that says "If you live to be a hundred, I
want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live with
you." Yes I see what you mean peapod, time will tell big lebowski, time
tell. Now go snuggle trophy, and see if she will put out on the beach.
Next morning up with the light, trophy wakes up whining, she has not gotten
up this early since, well she can't remember, she has never gotten up this
early. Well this is where we part big lebowski and trophy, have a good
journey back. Big lebowski, I will make our reflective moments my atavar
week. The rest of the journey is heaven, peapod ohms from her gonads, she
hooks up with some outlandish lumberjack types as the sun starts to descend,
who like monty python more than she does, and even better they cannot sing
either. Homeward bound next morning, wish I could continue to the end, will
wait for galaniomama for that one. As I travel backwards, I like the
following conclusions. 1. smile at a stranger, you never know how close
they are to giving up. 2.Catch yourself feeling instead of calculating,
forests have this effect on you. 3. This day is special because you have
one more day than someone else did. 4.Speak honesty and truth, in
a big fish way even those that might pain, lies have a way about them that

grow and disfigure and hurt longer than any truth ever did. Finally at the
end of the trail my last lofty ponder before I re-enter the land of the
drones, or as tom petty says another face in the crowd, Think of one thing
you believe in and question why. Find your own
answers not the reptitive one passed down from drones you've
never met. Like I always say people I should be getting paid for this
Haggis McBagpipe
Well, Pea, it sounds quite the adventure.

I think I would go easier on the young woman, though, for under her city exterior was probably an insecure young woman who was simply out of her element in nature. Your own advice to smile at a stranger because you never know how close they are to giving up, might be applicable here. Shadings, bravado and facades, they can be a very convincing cover-up for what is really felt.
What makes you think she was young, are you saying only a young women can be a trophy? a debate for a later date hag...she was 40 considered old by today's standards...but a trophy none the less. did you see how I wrote that post....I am as high as kite today...
Haggis McBagpipe
You're right that I made an assumption! Although my assumption was drawn more because of your description of attitude and attire than your reference to a 'trophy'.
Yes haggis it is possible to be an airhead even at 40. nasty nasty peapod.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Yes haggis it is possible to be an airhead even at 40. :lol: nasty nasty peapod.

Like, omigod, really? I'm like, you know, SO sure, unhh! Like, totally, omigod.

You're right, of course. Anybody, men and women can be airheads at any age, really. Some forget to turn on the 'learn something' module in their brain and wind up pretty much the same at 40 as they were at 16.

This one happened to be brittany spears at 40, which is hard to take at 20. Usually I don't hang out at malls and cheap wedding chapels, so brittany's don't bother me much, but in the forest...sorry I would like to kick their *** with my aldo good smelling leather much for spirituality...guess I need another trip..maybe I can catch a ride on that crop circle.
Haggis McBagpipe
Is that your work, a trail guide? If so, I am jealous.
Trail guide I can hardly figure out my own I just like to wander the forests while there is still some to wonder. It was the yak milk mama raised me on...oh **** galaniomama and her mama is here...gotta go check the circle...I might be gone for a week! who know where my pony will take me...

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