Okay, on the coast, who is ready for the big shake. Anybody prepared???
So you heard did you! I did not feel anything, friends telling me that their beds bounced. Do you have room in your lifeboat for me! Don't you have your little coffin of necessary items just in case?
Nope. If the big shaker happens at work, I am not sure if we should leave the building (cause it is so old) or out onto the street. Which might be even worse. Hmmm, have to ask about that one.
Make sure you grab a box of noodles from the noodle box on your way out
galaniomama how come your office does not have a emergency preparedness kit? I thought it was required? Did saniach come and give the talk of do's and don'ts?
Earthquakes, weird. You talk abotu stuff I do not know.

Does it happen a lot there? Here in Europe it happens almost never, especially not in The Netherlands.
Nah. For those not in an earthquake zone.......when you are in the middle of one, you kinda move in slow motion. So then you try and remember what you were told to do. The one that happened here at work, there was an electrician doing some work here. Hmm, there is a quake happening. We all moved over to the newest piece of construction in our office, which is a door frame. Five of us huddled under the door frame, but the problem is the building is over 100 years old, built of bricks and in pretty rough shape. Then we thought we should have actually gone outside, but it was a bit late. Only problem with going outside is that the other buildings would no doubt fall over on us. Gad, I don't know what to do!!! Anybody got suggestions? Humour appreciated.
Lisa galaniomama is always have an earthquake over at her house. We are suppose to have the big one, one of these days, but I think someone is making alot of money off those emergency preparedness kits...they are expensive.
Lisa you guys in Neverland must have stuff that happens. tidal waves maybe?

Yeah pea, those earthquake kits cost a bundle. All they have is a couple of bottles of water, a garbage bag, a small canadian flag, and a couple of clothes pegs. big deal. oh - and a piece of aluminum foil. Not quite enough to bbq with though.
What! I don't have a canadian flag in my kit! how the hell am I suppose be rescued without one!
Yup, and I have Evian water, new flip flops, nose plug, goggles, plastic bag, clothes pegs, and aluminum foil. Did you get your's at Wallymart????
Walley world???? do they sell them there...mine was paid for by employer so its big and expensive...
My god pea, you don't get out much any more do you???

Put on your flippies and head over to the downtown area, you will be amazed at the fact people walk upright now.

Down here in chinatown, there are tons of hongkong made kits. the flags might be a little off, but hey they sell like hotcakes. or pancakes. flapjacks. something like that. with parmasen cheese on top.
Any with dim sum in them?
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

Gad, I don't know what to do!!! Anybody got suggestions? Humour appreciated.

Yes of course. I have this handy-dandy earthquake guide right here for you. Hope it helps:

Earthquakes can strike without warning, and being prepared for such a disaster can mean the difference between life and death. Here are some tips to help you and your loved ones make it through a quake:

Those living in areas not prone to earthquakes can respond quickly to the plight of disaster victims in quake zones by complacently smirking and saying, "I told you so."

To minimize loss and damage in a quake, try not to own things.

Practice your burrowing-out-from-under-40-tons-of-rubble skills ahead of time.

Look out your window often. If you see a large, zig-zag-shaped crevasse moving rapidly from the horizon toward your home, step either to the right or the left.

Do you have a treasured childhood toy? Perhaps a stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear? Well, let's just see Mr. Bear help you now.

For those who fear earthquakes, it may comfort you to know that a majority of the damage during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake did not come from the tremors themselves. Instead, it was from the raging, out-of-control fires that consumed most of the city.

A doorway is the safest place to be during a quake. Eat, sleep and work in doorways.

Be sure to mail your house insurance payments a full five business days before a major earthquake strikes.

In the event of a quake, get under something heavy, such as a desk, a table or your uncle.
Hrmm. I've experienced only small little things in my lifetime. Ofcourse, I've never lived in a hotzone for earthquakes, but apparantly Toronto is expected to get a BIG one in the next few years (maybe decades, maybe 2, may a century).

Am I prepared? NO! Hopefully I will be on some beach somewhere when it happens so I won't have buildings falling on me.
Andem, I thought you guys only got hurricanes, tornadoes and lots of big wind down there. I am surprized the big toe would also be in the bullseye for a shaker. god, i guess no where is save, eh?
No hurricanes.. Had a tornado about 15 years ago north of the city at Highway 7 & Yonge, and a tornado about 20 years ago in Barrie near Molson park. Not in Toronto that I know of, just Orangeville gets them.
andem the last place you want to be when an earthquake hits is on the beach...Think Tsunami! they follow big earthquakes around. I happen to see one once, not up close and personal, when it hit my parents street, so did the porch and garage from 3 blocks over. Of course at the time I was a kid, so it was awesome to see a porch in the middle of your street, great fort material. If you insist on being on the beach, have your little friend with the helicopter standing by. Here is what happened to my town.
American Voice
I live in Ohio, so an earthquake is a rare event. We had one up toward Cleveland back in--I'm trying to remember--about 1982 or '83. It was mild, but perceptible on the second floor. I have heard that the people along the Andean fault in South America, in their folklore, describe the event as the stirring of a great serpent. It reminded me of the sensation of being on horseback.

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