The Gray Men in Tall Towers.

American Voice
So, who really runs Canada? I have heard it is the Freemasons, in Toronto.

I saw a documentary from the CBC once which indicated that at one point in time, in the 19th century, the private holdings of the Hudson's Bay Company encompassed a geographic area larger than the contemporaneous United States.
The yaks are in charge now.
Bowlers, i tell you...

Its the bowlers who run Canada
9 pin or 10?
duck pins
More like lame ducks if you ask me.
Haggis McBagpipe
You're both nuts. The Quackers are in power, I see the bastids everywhere, and the hapless naive Canadians can't even see the ducks for the quacks. The Quackers will have us walking a moralistic tightrope if they can ever get past only being able to say 'quack'.
Haggis does not my avatar tell you that I agree with you little sister...
Haggis McBagpipe
Indeed, i have long been an admirer of that particular avatar, Pea!
So where you been hiding hag? what you been up to? have you seen the hands in action yet? Any bike adventures? come on Quack us up with your stories.
Haggis McBagpipe
Hiding? I haven't been hiding, I've been packing. I am going on a trip, and I'm taking... I haven't seen you in that thread yet.

Adventures? Hmm, other than bicycle riding, nothing, really, just keeping out of the heat. Went down to the local bird sanctuary to discuss political matters with the Quackery. They said, 'quack' and I found it hard to disagree.
Where are you going on your adventure...someplace exciting like a bird sancturay I hope, I do not jest when I say that either..I have taken to watching bats in my garden at dusk..far more interesting than raid...I live close to a bird safe home wing blackbirds live there, nice tunes. Sad that you cannot really walk it alone..perverts like to hide in the bullrushes and put the rush on you....I want me a tazar gun for christmas...are you heading anywhere that you pick be able to pick me one up?
Haggis McBagpipe
No, Pea, I mean the thread! You must go to Games and find the I'm going on a trip thread.
Any tazars over there at your thread...I will check and see

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