Andem's Spycam

I'm taking some pictures from the top of my building right now, I live directly next door to skydome in downtown Toronto... so earlier I was watching a baseball game from the controllable secret camera from the top of the building...

I'm preparing some pictures I took today of the CN tower, and some REALLY neat close ups!

Any request for pics you want me to post? I got about a 290 unblocked view of west, sw, s, se, e, and partly ne views right from downtown I'm having lots of fun.

Stay tooned for my CN tower pics... sorry folks, skydome's roof closed before I took any pics today.

(EDIT: I cropped all the images and removed the timestamps. They were taken 11.07.04 inbetween 17:20 and 17:22)

Andem your spycam is great, it would have been even better if you could have caught Sandmannchen landing his helicopter on the tower
Unfortunately, the Sandmaennchen has never been spotted flying around the CN Tower. He has, however, been known to fly around the TVtower/Fernsehturm in Berlin. Oh well.

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