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American Voice
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I will appreciate feedback on this radical post. She is a beauty, and no doubt. But would the posting of images here ruin the ambience? Should it be kept text-only?
Diamond Sun
I think the questions is. Who is she to you? Do you know her, or did you just stumble upon the picture and you were struck by it and thus wanted to share?

I don't think there's anything wrong with posting images if they hold meaning for you. Simply posting images to post images though, that might be a whole other story.
American Voice
For a forum site to provide facilities for the posting of images raises a number of issues. The first is time and space. I have noticed how a few threads here, which contain images, load significantly more slowly than text-only threads. Even JPEGs take up lots more space, in terms of storage. Without substantial expansion, our hosts may soon find themselves cramped for space. Expansion costs money, and that would have to come from somewhere. Even a modest subscription fee might cause some people to have to leave, and discourage others from joining. A second alternative would be to go commercial, and pepper the site with advertising.

Second, there would need to be rules about posting images, and someone to fairly enforce them. There would need to be censorhip, to remove unacceptable images. Habitual offenders would need to shown the door. I have seen several sites specifically devoted to photography. Invariably, the forums are like Bedlam, and ugly things are said. I have seen so-called fetish images, depicting violence against women. I have seen virtual pornography, including pictures of children posted in the open, in public forums, with no disclaimer and no warning. This is so-called liberalism. I have been the object of innumerable sexual solicitations, by men as well as women. It can get to be a nightmare.

Third, there are alternatives available. For example, I have a small collection of my own photos posted at a site, and I have shared the link to it privately with some of the members here. That seems to me to be the best way. Access to the site is free, and a generous amount of space is available to anyone willing to register.

The image I posted the link to above means nothing to me personally. Laetitia is a beautiful model, and the photographers with whom she works have created some impressive and tasteful images. It's advertising, but it is also fine art. I was intending to be provocative with my choice. I am aware that some people might find the image makes them uncomfortable--the sight of a woman in her boudoir in her underware. I am very conscious of my obligation as a member here to exercise good judgment in my postings, even when I'm just trying to make a point. I would feel bad, indeed, were I to be seen to in any way diminish what is here.
Reverend Blair
I didn't see anything wrong with the image at all. We shoot stuff that explicit (though not that good) all the time where I work and it goes into a flyer for major retailer.

You bring up an interesting point though...while the shot of Leatitia is tasteful, and even full nudes can be tasteful, does it open the door to all types of pornography? Who decides what is acceptable?

For my part I see way too many photographs during the week to have a lot of interest in looking at them when I come home. It is refreshing to see an actual photograph though...we shoot almost everything on white backgrounds so they can be close cut.
Well said reverend. I guess I would have to look at this way, if I was sitting with someone I did not know very well having a coffee, and we were talking about the latest tuperware products, if she suddenly whipped out (no pun intended) a picture say such as laetitia, I would wonder where did that come from? not really so much the picture but the motives behind showing me the picture Unless of course she is that be-speckled bucktooth little nun who can make a image no matter what sort, spell binding...Good question tho american voice.

personally I have a space around myself, I call it my personal space. I don't really share it with everyone. I am one of those uptight lumberjack people, raised on yak milk, that likes my own little personal space in the elevator of life. Keep up the great questions american voice, it makes us ponder.
American Voice
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This a portrait I made of an intimate friend, one afternoon in the spring of '99. DS said that if the picture meant something to me personally, that it would be received differently. Well?

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