Advertising Jingles

I like the Telus campaigns where they have some funky songs.. or with the flying pig "99 luftballons"
I like the early 1970's coca-cola ad jingle. "I would like to buy........" you know the rest.
I found two very old Atari 2600 commercials, I don't know if I've ever really seen such a spot in my very young days (must be from around 1983), but I remember the melody and I did and do have an Atari 2600. It still runs, and it's gorgeous!! *gets all nostalgic* *lol*

"You're a fly named Yar on a quest in space,
you attack the shield of the cotyle space
but watch out the Yar
He knows where you are!
Yar's Revenge is new on Atari,
have you played Atari today?!"

Little different commercial in Germany, but same melody:

"Woll'n wir telespielen, weil das jeder kann,
erst kommt Asteroids, dann Super Break-Out dran;
und das Weltall ist nah, und der Pacman ist da -
Wer hat Lust was neues zu spielen?
Wer hat schon Atari gespielt?"
Choosy cheese choosers always say "cheese please" when they choose the cheese in the cheese burgers at McDonalds.


There's more in the middle of an egg McMuffin then an egg in the middle of a muffin!
heh heh I just love it when newbie dusts off an "oldie but goodie"

Welcome lisero - Sounds like you've got some Mickey D's on the brain ...why doncha post an intro thread so we can all welcome you proper!
but sunny bee hunny bee bread's so good
taste real good like a good bread should
buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz...

boy! that one takes me back!
Quote: Originally Posted by eastcoastrobView Post

Tweet, tweet. Twiddle, twiddle. There's only one candy with a hole in the middle"
Way to market giving people less.

you know, I seem to recall that this was 'tweek tweek', not 'tweet tweet' least that's what I remember -- and I was in the first commercial!
but sunny bee honey bee bread's so good
tastes real good like a good bread should
bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz

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