Iraqi Blogs-- Worth a look

This blog is kept by three Iraqi brothers all born and living in Baghdad. Two of them Mohammed, 34, and Omar, 23, are dentists and the third, Ali, 33, is a pediatrician. They were all educated at Baghdad University and Ali served in the armed forces. The blog focuses on current life in Iraq and gives commentary on the changes brought to Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. (external - login to view)

The blog is kept by Zeyad, a Sunni Iraqi living in Baghdad who is currently doing post-graduate work in dentistry. The blog's stated purpose is to report daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq. Zeyad dubs himself an optimist and his political commentary reveals a strong faith in the New Iraq. (external - login to view)

This blog is kept by Sam; it focuses on current political issues including the "State of the Law and Institutes," "Terrors against Iraqi Intellectuals," and the new government. (external - login to view)

This blog is kept by A.Y.S., he lives in Baghdad and is a dentist. The blog reports stories and news from Iraq after the liberation and focuses on the themes of liberation, freedom and democracy. (external - login to view)

This blog is kept by Firas Georges and focuses on the mentality of the Iraqi people. He describes both the positive and negative feelings of the Iraqi people in response to day-to-day life in Iraq. (external - login to view)
Wow! that is really an interesting read. Thanks
Yup..I was pretty amazed when I first stumbled on to it.

A lot of insight in some of those posts.

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